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cooler than you
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this is a rating community
if you cant take the truth please dont waste your time, along with ours

001. You must apply within 48 hours of joining the community
002. When applying make "cooler than ice." your subject to show you read the rules.
003. You must promote in 3 places (your USER info and two other places -on lj-)
005. Do not delete your application!
006. make questions bolded, and anwsers normal
[or any other way so that we can distinguish the two]
007. answer questions in complete detail to help us get to know you
008. Do not argue - bitch - complain - or whine __ to members or mods or YOU WILL BE BANNED !!
009. Do not comment on anything but your own application until stamped.

you must be 14 or older!!!

001. Try to post frequently
002. Post everything with pictures under an LJ-CUT!!!
003. stay active or you will be kicked out.
004. be completely honest when rating applications - do not hold back,
be as harsh as you want
005. no promoting other communities here unless it is taken up with me before hand
006. PROMOTE!!!

cool kids app!

cool banners!

cool themes!

_carcrash_kiss & _____joe

if you are interested in becoming a sister
please contact any one of our mods