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hey kids.
sorry i haven't been active =/.
i was in argentina for 8 days, home for one day, and then left again for philadelphia and dc and just got home yesterday.

i should have some new pictures very soon.
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heyyyy this is the person who used to be lil_llama_luver just to let you guys know! well im just gonna inform you about happenings in the world of me real quick and such and then you can be on ur way.
1. i have a boyfriend!!! yeehaa! hes two years older than me though, so thats gonna be weird.
2. i got my hair cut from the last time you saw my piccs
3. its hot
4. im hot
5. thanks

p.s. you realllly didn;t need to read that just to let you know.
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whoa, sorry.
I didn't know this community was active again...please tell me what happened to the other three mods?....I'm just curious thanks.
and I promise, I'll start being more active.

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Okay so I hear A few of you want to help me?
I hear you want to be a mod?

Okay, you need to fill this out:

Are you experienced and where?
Can you make banners and what not?
Are you gonna help keep this community Alive?
And Why do you want to be a mod?

Please take some time filling this out, ans please if i dont have you as a mod dont be upset I have nothing against you i just need some one that could really help me.


New look, we need some new members!//MOD

Okay so i wanna get this community Up and running again!

Right now, im the only mod. If you wanna be a mod comment on my live journal about it and we'll see what can be done. As you can see I re-decorated the whole community from the layout to the userinfo. I think we are gonna start themes also one every 2 weeks! And I think we are gonna start contest member of the week? What ever member promotes the most and shows the links under a cut gets to auto-accept 3 people that week that they like, and haha if they dont use all of them that week its like roll-over minutes they can use them the next week, so lets just say they get three auto accepts for when ever. Sounds swell right? Okay I love all of you! PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE. And haha for those of you who haven't found out or aren't aware this is SumBNewBlinkNFG.