annmarie. (urban_sprawl) wrote in ___color_me_rad,

blah blah blah imma mod loserss

so now im a mod again haha.
ill be updating the user info soon, i need to reinstall photoshop though, and that will probably take a while.
im very bored, and i actually can't wait for school to start
and here is something for you people to get to know me better:

Hello there, my name is Ann. I live in the small town of Kendall, Ny and nothing much happens here. I like to party, and i barely ever do. haha. I'm one of the more mature people in my grade, but if you bother me a lot, I start drama, and can be a bitch. I like to be different, and stand out. For example, I like to run around in Darien Lake pretending to be a super hero with my best friend, and scream at the end of roller coasters. I like glow sticks, and techno music, so i would like to go to a rave. I like music and I am listening to it throughout the day, for me, it just doesn't feel right when there isn't any music. I make songs out of everything, like if there were stars out, I would start singing the lyrics of a song that mentions stars. The music I usually listen to would consist of most kinds of rock, punk, ska, techno, and some emo. And just to let you people know, just because i listen to emo music doesn't mean I cut and am always depressed. I'm actually really happy usually, haha. I like to hang out with people older than me because they are a lot more fun. I sometimes hang out with people a little younger or the same age. I'm not the usual girly girl because I grew up surronded by guys, 3 brothers and a dad, and I usually prefer hanging out with guys over girls. I have no manners, and I don't care about breaking my nail or crap like that. I hate liars because they remind me of myself, because I used to lie a lot. I also hate posers and cocky people, because they just annoy me. "Emo" people annoy me as well, because they are just doing it for attention. I like to act stupid and make people laugh, my friends do too. I like to be alone sometimes because I like to think about things, i do a lot of "deep thinking". I'm Itallian and I love it. I like big dangly earrings, piercings, and tattoos, and I plan on getting a lot of them. I don't like hot weather because I love winter, I snowboard and I love really big sweatshirts. The only sport I play in school is Volleyball, and I'm not the greatest haha. I play soccer in the summer. I like to ride bikes at night, and hang out with people at random places at 2 in the morning. I love nature and animals and I could pretty much just sit outside all day just being surronded by trees and stuff. I have a lot of pets and I live on a ranch sort of thing. I'm an arty person and I like to paint and sketch and make things. My favorite thing to do is sketch scenery outside. I can be a geek, mostly a computer geek. lol. I like big sunglasses. I play guitar and I have two, but I deffinatly need lessons haha. For some reason I like to buy lotion and lip gloss, but I already have a ton of it. I'm a friend helper and I help my friends. I'm not very shy, and if you want to know me, it's a pretty easy thing to do, but pay attention to the little things because thats what matters to me. I'd rather know what dream someone had last night, instead of their favorite dream and things like that. I like to take pictures and I love photoshop. You should instant message me.

MY SN= Urban Sprrawl

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