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___chayos's Journal

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 Welcome to ___Chayos. We are  yet  another el-jay rating community, for the  ladies &  gents. Here you  will  be  rated by  our lovely  members on your: looks, musical  taste,   personality, style, & the effort put into your application. __Chayos is not for the timid & shy, nor the easily hurt. Thank you, now move on.

Thank you to _____phonebooth  for the graphics and everything on the community because without her this community wouldnt be around!

 As every community here at ___Chayos we too have a few basic rules we all must follow.

 Le Applicants:
Present your application under an el-jay cut. Answer all questions, failure to do so will result in an automatic rejection. Do not comment on your application, unless it is a sway. Do not delete any comments, or your application, if done so you will be banned. Do not talk back to the accepted members, because as you know they are cooler then you. Do not bitch when you are rejected. This is a rating community it's what happens when we don't like you. & of course don't comment on any posts or applications other then your own, untill & if you are accepted. If you are doing so, you will be banned.

 Le Accepted
Promote like no other. When voting make your subject line 'Yes, or No' it makes it so much easier. There is no age, sex, or  race  discrimination.  Post
all pictures & longer post under an el-jay cut. No fights, their silly. Stay active, no one wants a dead community. Be nice, or be  a  bitch, what ever floats your boat. Most importantly have fun.

Le Rejected:
When you are rejected please don't make a fuss about it. There is no need to be a drama queen. Also, if you love us so much, you may re-apply in one week with new pictures.

 Sexual orientation:

 Top five bands & why:
 Top five movies:
 Top three disliked bands & why:
 Top three disliked movies:
 Last concert you attended:


 Something unique about you:
 Most overused phrase or word:
 On your mouse pad:
 Your best feature:
 Why do you want to be accepted:

 Promote us in:
 One journal:
 Two communities:
 Put one of our promotion banners in your userinfo and provide the link:

 At least three clear pictures of yourself:

 For the members page:
 152x202 picture:

 Le Whitney: whitneyatkinson.
 Le Candace: xpinkcandy

Looking for one more mod. If you are interested please le me know!

 Take pictures of you doing your favorite things! You can post more then one. If they are pictures of you doing your favorite things, post them!
04.01.05. - 04.10.05.

 If you are interested in becoming sister  comms, you may leave a message on whitneyatkinson journal, or you can e-mail me at whitney.atkinson@gmail.com.
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