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Jiffy Kodak Six-20, Series II

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Today I went up to the small book store on Almond street, not the one that sells DVDs but the one further up next to the antique store and picked up two cameras. This being one of the two its in extremely good condition. Everything works very well and even the mirrors seem to be in almost perfect condition. The only issue seems to be the back door sticks a little while closing, but is easy to fix. I am going to get some film I hope and try and take some photos with it.

Type: Pocket Camera

Introduced: 1937

Discontinued: 1948

Film size: 620

Picture size: 2 1/4 X 4 1/4″

Manufactured: ?

Lenses: Twindar 105mm f11

Numbers made: ?

Original price: $7.50

Description: Eastman Kodak (Rochester) built 620 rollfilm camera for eight 6 x 9cm negatives. The Jiffy is a budget camera but offering a little more control than a box camera. The lens has two position focus with the front element mounted in a screw barrel. Users exhibiting little lateral thinking could calibrate the focus a little more precisely and make their own marks around the lens ring. Three waterhouse stops are supplied on a captive pull out strip, no indication of the size is marked but they calculate out at f26, f19 and f14. Shutter speeds are limited to timed and instant. The Jiffy cameras all share a common design of catch to keep the back closed, whilst it succeeds at keeping the back tightly closed and is unlikely to open accidentally, it is subject to binding after a few years of inactivity. Consequently many are broken.

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