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Eastman Kodak No 1A Pocket Camera

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I stopped into the Urban Cottage today while downtown with Leslie and Keri looking for something to do. While placing my backpack at the main desk I noticed this absolutely gorgeous camera sitting aside. The first thing that jumped out at me was the lack of any damage to the bellows of the camera, it seemed to be perfect in every way. The camera in all honesty looks like it wasn’t used all that often and in fact looked like it had been sitting in someones closet for the past 60 plus years. From what info I can find on the inside of the camera the date seems to be 1926.

Type: Pocket Camera

Introduced: 1926

Discontinued: 1932

Film size: 116

Picture size: 2 1/4 X 4 1/4″


US Lenses: ?

Numbers made: ?

Original price: ?

Description: The 1-A Pocket Kodak was constructed of leatherette covered metal. The entire camera back was removed in order to load the film. It is one of the first cameras to incorporate an adjustable range finder. As the bellows is withdrawn from the body it extends on a chrome rail until it meets a stop. The supporting rail is then moved forward and back by means of a small thumb screw located on the right side. Distances were shown on a small scale on the left side. The stop is adjustable in order to calibrate the rangefinder.

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