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Hi, my name is Sam. I should apologize ahead of time, if I'm way out of line. I have a Digital Kiss N. You can check out some of my work here (I don't want to ruin this first expression by coming off like a complete jerk, but you will have to add me. I've had instances in the past where my work was stolen, and one specific case when a girl was given a scholarship based on my work, so yeah, I'm a little skeptical in that sense. So please, don't mistake my fear and skepticism for rudeness and arrogance). I'm kind of new to the whole Digital thing, by a few years. Most, actually all but this and another camera of mine, are film cameras circa the 60's (Argus 260 Film Automatic, Polaroid OneStep Express, Kodak Pony 135 Model C, Kodak Instamatic 414, Kodak Signet 40, Kowa SE, Mamiya 1000, and Kodak 35). I've been saving for additions and accessories for this Kiss N, for a while, now. However, I guess I'm looking for what would work best, turn out best, and be more efficient all around with this. I'd like a zoom, fish-eye, wide-angle, panorama, zoom flash, etc. So, I guess I'm asking for that? What would you recommend? What should I stay away from? Where can I get these things? What're less expensive? What should I not go cheap on? Can you help me?

Aside from that, what does everybody like taking pictures of? What else have you guys been hired for?
What other cameras do you have, and what would you like that you don't have?

Baby Brownie Special

While I was in Prince Edward Island for a visit to my grandparents, my Grandmother presented me with this tiny camera as a gift. She had picked it up at an auction in the country a few weeks before. It is in absolutely perfect shape and the strap is mint.

Type: Solid body eyelevel roll film
Introduced: Sept 1939
Discontinued: 1954
Film size: 127
Picture size: 1 5/8 X 2 1/2"
Manufactured: US
Lens: Meniscus
Numbers made: ?
Original price: $1.25
Description: Moulded plastic body with direct vision optical finder; export models in 1939 had a button for brief time exposures.


Jiffy Kodak Six-20, Series II

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Today I went up to the small book store on Almond street, not the one that sells DVDs but the one further up next to the antique store and picked up two cameras. This being one of the two its in extremely good condition. Everything works very well and even the mirrors seem to be in almost perfect condition. The only issue seems to be the back door sticks a little while closing, but is easy to fix. I am going to get some film I hope and try and take some photos with it.

Type: Pocket Camera

Introduced: 1937

Discontinued: 1948

Film size: 620

Picture size: 2 1/4 X 4 1/4″

Manufactured: ?

Lenses: Twindar 105mm f11

Numbers made: ?

Original price: $7.50

Description: Eastman Kodak (Rochester) built 620 rollfilm camera for eight 6 x 9cm negatives. The Jiffy is a budget camera but offering a little more control than a box camera. The lens has two position focus with the front element mounted in a screw barrel. Users exhibiting little lateral thinking could calibrate the focus a little more precisely and make their own marks around the lens ring. Three waterhouse stops are supplied on a captive pull out strip, no indication of the size is marked but they calculate out at f26, f19 and f14. Shutter speeds are limited to timed and instant. The Jiffy cameras all share a common design of catch to keep the back closed, whilst it succeeds at keeping the back tightly closed and is unlikely to open accidentally, it is subject to binding after a few years of inactivity. Consequently many are broken.


Eastman Kodak No 1A Pocket Camera

Originally published at brianlarter.com. Please leave any comments there.

I stopped into the Urban Cottage today while downtown with Leslie and Keri looking for something to do. While placing my backpack at the main desk I noticed this absolutely gorgeous camera sitting aside. The first thing that jumped out at me was the lack of any damage to the bellows of the camera, it seemed to be perfect in every way. The camera in all honesty looks like it wasn’t used all that often and in fact looked like it had been sitting in someones closet for the past 60 plus years. From what info I can find on the inside of the camera the date seems to be 1926.

Type: Pocket Camera

Introduced: 1926

Discontinued: 1932

Film size: 116

Picture size: 2 1/4 X 4 1/4″


US Lenses: ?

Numbers made: ?

Original price: ?

Description: The 1-A Pocket Kodak was constructed of leatherette covered metal. The entire camera back was removed in order to load the film. It is one of the first cameras to incorporate an adjustable range finder. As the bellows is withdrawn from the body it extends on a chrome rail until it meets a stop. The supporting rail is then moved forward and back by means of a small thumb screw located on the right side. Distances were shown on a small scale on the left side. The stop is adjustable in order to calibrate the rangefinder.

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I’m looking for a little camera maintenance/fixing help.

So I have an Olympus OM-2 camera that I have been using for a few months now. However, after removing the most recent film, I guess I over wound the film rewind knob on the top right corner. As a result, the knob came off and the rewinding device fell down within the camera.

So, my issue is: How can I open the camera door without the rewind knob? On this model, the rewind knob serves as the open button as well. The camera door typically opens by pulling up on the rewind knob.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

How do I open the door without the usual knob?

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I just got a hold of my father's ooold camera. It's a Nikon FG 50mm 1:1:8 and I want to know more about it. I found this site: http://www.mir.com.my/rb/photography/hardwares/classics/emfgfg20/fg/

Well anyways I'm not familiar with Film cameras....so can you explain to me what is FG, AP, and all these abbreviations. What so I do with all these gadgets? I'm not sure what all these letters and numbers are for. I want to start using it!
 help help!


I would like to welcome everyone to Camera Fetish. I would like to see each person thats a member post a list of various cameras they own and feel comfortable with. I will then make these posts memories if anyone has a direct question about a particular camera they can then look there.

I hope to see a lot of input everyone and looking forward to seeing this community grow.