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for april and our numerous fans ;) - alright. i've been writing some stuff. things that i've been dealing with- the good, the bad, the ugly, AND the beautiful. i've also had some cool ideas that i'm tossing around. then april and i can get together and really flesh out stuff. just a little update...alright, holla
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due to some unbeknownst and unforeseen reasons, april has had to leave the band for awhile.... we new that she was the driving force of the band and we hope that the band will still remain strong, and we know that this is for the best. i just hope that we can move forward.


hi everyone and welcome to the ___by default community.
we are just getting started as a band, so thanks for being a fan so soon!
be sure to post often and check back for updates on shows and other fellow fans!!!
in the meantime, fill out the following survey!

-april (the mod)

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