June 25th, 2006

staying silent

List of books

I have an idea: everyone may write the list of books he/she considers really worth reading,e.g.the book has changed your life or made you do something which appeared right in the end instead of doing something wrong,the language was stunning or you just enjoyed it reading really much.
the idea is not new and might have appeared in this community - then sorry.

I'm writing my list:

1.Franz Kafka "Das Schloss", "Der Prozess", "Ein Landarzt", "Ein Traum", "Der Nachhauseweg","Der plötzliche Spaziergang"
2.Douglas Coupland "Life after God"
3.Julio Cortazar "Divertimento", "Final del Juego", "El Examen"
4.Oscar Wilde "The Happy Prince"
5.Eric Emmanuel Schmitt "The sect of the Egoists", "Oscar et la dame rose"
6.Alessandro Baricco "OceanoMare"
7.Milorad Pavić "Landscape painted with Tea", "The inverted Glove", "Snail of Glass","Writing Box"
8.Elder Edda
9.Sei Shōnagon "The Pillow Book"
10.Andrej Platonov "Fro", "The third son", "The Fierce and Beautiful World"
11.Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin "The Stone Guest"
12.Boris Pasternak " Doctor Zhivago"
13.Venedict Erofeev "Moscow-Petushki", "Walpurgis Night, or the Steps of the Commander"
14.Fedor Mikhailovich Dostoevski "Crime and punishment", "The Idiot".

So these I recommend.
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