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Hello there

This is required for a school project. If you would please fill out the following information however you find convenient and post it in a comment to this entry.

Also, if you know anybody else who has read the book “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar Wilde who wouldn’t mind taking this survey, please pass it on.


When did you last read this play: _______________
You read this play for:
School Entertainment Other: _________________

What themes and concepts did you learn about?
Upper class lifestyle Beauty Society
Love Other: _________________________________

How does this play rank among the other plays/literature you’ve read?
It top notch It’s mediocre It’s low quality

Are there many books you can list that are better than this play? Yes No
Are there many books you can list that are worse than this play? Yes No

Give this book a grade: A B C D F

How well did Wilde develop the following aspects of his play? Circle according to your opinion. 1 = unappealing. 2 = no opinion. 3 = excellently done.

1 2 3 Jack Worthing [ Earnest Worthing in the city ]
1 2 3 Algernon Moncrieff [ Jack’s best friend, enjoys eating ]
1 2 3 Gwendolen [ The woman Jack loves ]
1 2 3 Cecily [Jack’s ward ]
1 2 3 Lady Bracknell [ Gweldolen’s strict mother ]

1 2 3 Setting [19th century London ]
1 2 3 Content [Did the content appeal to you?]
1 2 3 Oscar Wilde’s witty writing style

Your personal comments: _________________________________
Name: ________________________ Age: ____ Grade: ___
English class (if applicable): ________________________
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