Hi guys, this is your mod, formerly _____le__pony. I made this community a long, long time ago and nobody really joined... then I recovered, slightly, and forgot all about it. I just found it again and I'd like to bring it to life. I'm going to delete all the entries, revamp it, and start over. If you're interested in staying in the community, please post on this entry. I'm going to delete others who are inactive.

A little about me: I'm a 19 year old college student living in Southern California. I've had an eating disorder for over 7 years. I'll write more about me as we go along, introductions are always sort of awkward.

height: 5'11
hw: 150
lw: 117
cw: 123.5

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Hi ia m 17,
My height is, 5'7''
i weigh, 125lbs
lw - 90lbs
hw - 135 lbs

I have had an eating disorder if thats what u want to call it for about 6 years.
I started to get better as everyone else called it, i called it hell on earth!!
Well anyway im back to my old ways again even though none of my family or friends no!! I feel like i have control back of my life again!! I have gone2 weeks just drinking 1 smoothie a day i havent weighed myself yet but i feel as though i must have lost ome weight!!!
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Hey guys,
I'm new here, I had an old account Cold_Outside which i had to delete
because my mother found it & read about my doubts of recovery/sex/alcohol etc.

So i'm currently in recovery for Bulimia Nervosa.
Here are some stats:
wt 133
lw *at this height*98
hw*at this height*146
stg: 125



Name: Perfectlie16
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Stats: cw: 125
stgw: 115
ltgw: 100
hw: 130
lw: 115
Diagnosed? No...nobody knows, although my friends and family know I 'used to have eating issues'
If not, are you NOS or not sure? I'd say I'm NOS, of the purging/restricting type. Although I have a high weight because of failed attempts to eat normally.
How long have you had an eating disorder? I've had food issues since I was a young child (5 or 6), along with body issues. I first had bulimic tendancies at around 8th grade (so that would make me 12), and became an anoretic from summer last year until early january this year. I 'recovered' over this summer, and now my eating problems are back again.
Why are you here? Because I have no friends who will understand, and my family certainly wouldn't.

It kinda looks like I'm one of the only 3 members here - but it's a new group right?