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Mod post... yes... again.

Hello ladies and gentlmen,

There have been some new rules posted in the userinfo, please go and read them, as they are very important when it comes to voting.

I'm happy to see that there have been a lot of people joining up the last few days, and lots of applications being posted! PLEASE VOTE! it seems that there are about 4 people who are voting, and that is it. In order for this community to be fun, we need to have active members! I would love to see people replying to theme posts, and making posts of their own as well!

Note: Once you have been accepted, your status is changed that you may post without it having to wait to be accepted by a moderator.

this weeks theme: your favourite era.
  • is it today or in the past? why?

  • post some pictures that remind you of your favourite era

  • talk about events of the past--> history and pop-culture!

  • do you wish you had lived then?

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    peace, love, and hugs