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Bohemian Lady

Name: Marie
Location: U.S.
Sex: Female
Sexual orientation: Straight
Ethnicity: Caucasian/white
Online name: Lady Vamp

Favourite -
Music: Variety of different music: goth / medieval music / ethereal / dark ambient / music of the Romani (gypsies)  / Patti Smith / Azam Ali
Movies: Devil's Advocate / Rosemary's Baby / Let The Right One In / La Dérobade / La Vie En Rose / any movies in the film noir genre
Actress: Tilda Swinton
Actor: Klaus Maria Brandauer
Books: "Lost Souls": Poppy Z. Brite / "The Life: Memoirs Of a French Hooker": Jeanne Cordelier / "Bohemian Manifesto: A Field Guide To Living On The Edge": Laren Stover
Authors/Poets: Too many to list here (would include Poppy Z. Brite, Joan Didion, Baudelaire, Jeanne Cordelier, etc.)
Quote: "Better to reign in Hell, than serve in heaven." (Milton)
Animal: cat - both the housecat and the black leopard.
Thing: first cup of coffee in the morning.
Television: none.
Colour: black.
Cuisine: Middle Eastern, Italian, Greek, French.

Say What?: A Few Questions...
How would you describe yourself in five words? mysterious, eccentric, rebellious, poetic, creative.
What do you want to be when you grow up? Unable to grow up - but poetry is my first love.
What is your political affiliation? Liberal.
Can you speak another language? some German.
Why do you consider yourself bohemian? I'm a free spirit, I live on the edge, I'm artistic, and I don't care what others think.
Why should you be accepted in this community? Since I'm a free spirit, and since I don't care what others think, "acceptance" is not a concern of mine.  I'm living life my way, and that's what counts, for me.

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