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 I love to talk at coffee shops

Name: Jon
Age/Birthday: 24
Location: New York
Sex: Male
Sexual orientation (optional): straight
Screenname(optional): bree3693r (AIM)(

Band: Rent soundtrack/Bob dylan
Movie: Rent/blow
Actor/Actress: Ed Norton
Book: The Great Book of Amber by Roger Selanzsky
Author: Frank Herburt
Quote: "A strange thing, our punishment! It does not cleanse the criminal, it is no atonement; quit the contrary, it pollutes worse then the crime does" - F. Nietzsche
Animal: Dog
Thing: Scottish Medallion
Television Program: Las Vegas
Color: Grey and black
Type of Food: I don't each much; gun to my head:pringles

Say What?: A Few Questions...
How would you describe yourself in five words? Helpful, creative, immaginative, Jack-of-all-trades, (very)tolerant
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A Poet
What is your political affiliation?  None or Anarchist
If you could choose to be any fictional character from a book or movie, who would it be and why? 
Corwin or Brand from The "Great Book of Amber" Because Corwin had a purpose in his life, and it depicts a hero who has problems and is not the do gooder in the conventenal sense of the word. Brand is the opposite, the enemy. 
Can you speak another language/are you taking a language in school? If so, what is it? Prison Spanish
Why do you consider yourself bohemian? Besides the things that are needed to survive at a decently comfortable level, money means next to nothing to me. All i do all do now that i am unemployed again is write poems and journal entries, just like i used to. I think i have talent, and want to share it with others like me.
Why should you be accepted in this community? Because i think that we all have alot of the same ideals, theories, and so on. I am a bohemian in my heart, i always will be, no matter where it may be in the real world.

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