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name: autumn
age: 14
location: ocean beach, san diego, CA

top seven "scene" bands/artists: (punk/indie/emo/ska/hardcore/etc)
1. beep beep
2. bright eyes
3. the blood brothers
4. from first to last
5. son ambulance
6. action action
7. elliott smith

top six "non-scene" bands/artists: (pop/rock/metal/rap/whatever)
1. snoop dog
2. the clash
3. dead kennedys
4. 50 cent
5. the doors
6. led zepplin

top five local bands/artists: (not bands from your state that are now big, like saves the day if you're from new jersey, we're talking small, struggling bands who are known in your state and/or in surrounding states. you are allowed to include bands from surrounding states if you don't have much of a local scene nearby)
1. vegitation
2. in fatal memories
3. noise ratchet (broke up now, and i'm not sure if they were/are famous or not)

top four books:
1. go ask alice
2. cut
3. elliott smith and the big nothing
4. you remind me of you

top three movies:
1. a clockwork orange
2. pulp fiction
3. resovoir dogs

top two tv shows:
1. law and order
2. will and grace

favorite quote: "time wounds all heals" it's not nessesarily a quote, but i saw it somewhere and i liked it. and yes, i know it is supposed to be time heals all wounds, but i don't belive that quote is correct, that is why i like this one better

favorite lyric: " and the children in the subway eating apple cores. is anybody listening? they're breathing paint out of plastic bags. their mumbled mouths say 'is anybody listening?'" -the blood brothers

first concert: noise ratchet, scarlet symphony, reeve oliver, hot like a robot. they were all playing together.
first show: hmm. i don't know i guess
words/phrases you over-use: amazing, pretty, fun
words/phrases you hate: mango

which song : (feel free to explain why on any of these, but make sure to describe why if specifically asked)
makes you dance? spice girls- if you can't dance. i don't think i really need to explain that one. ;-)
makes you cry/is good to cry to? bright eyes- haliegh, haliegh
makes you laugh? beep beep- giggle giggle
makes you cringe? nine inch nails- i wanna fuck you like an animal (i don't know the real name, but thats the closest i can get.)
moves you? elliott smith- coast to coast
puts you to sleep? noise ratchet- a way to the heart
brings the mosh? from first to last- ride the wings of pestilance
reminds you of someone you love? the cure- lovecats
reminds you of your childhood? backstreet boys- backstreets back
is impossible not to sing along to? the blood brothers- wolf party
is your biggest guilty pleasure? bright eyes- you will. you? will. you? will. you? will.
describes you/your life, and why? from autumn to ashes- autumn's monologue
do you listen to on repeat, why? elliott smith- pretty (ugly before) because it is an amazing song and it deserves to be played over and over and over again. and it's a little sad
has a painful memory attached? the smashing pumpkins- silverfuck
has an amazing memory attached? none really
has a hilarious memory attached? the libertines- what a waster

bush: he sucks, i hate him. DIE. i may have to move to canada because of him, so i have a good reason to hate him.
kerry: he's not that great, but i guess he is better then bush, just a little bit though. they both suck.
third party candidates: the green party? they are my favorite party, although sadly they never reeally win the election. :-\
sex: oh baby! (use a condom)
drugs/alcohol: great fun. but bad for your health,
education: usually you need it to get good jobs. although i don't really like school, i think everybody would be lost without it.
depression: (in all forms)
trends/fashion: well, i don't ever really dress like everybody else, i mean if evrybody else is wearing the same thing, then there is no difference at all. the only time i really wear what other people are wearing, is if i like it A LOT.
stereotypes: bleh. i hate them, you can only SOMETIMES judge people on what they look like.
religion: i have no religion, so i guess i'm athiest. but anybody can have any rerligion they want, it is their choice.
abortion: it's a good option for teenagers who can't support a baby, and it's a good option for somebody who was raped. but it's not that great if somebodyjust doesn't want a baby. so i guess i think it's good AND bad.
death-penalty: depends on what they did. i think it's sad to watch somebody die intentionaly. it's like murder i guess.
war: horrible. people kill inocent people just to get what they want. if there was no war, then there wouldn't really be as much conflict
what is one subject that you have a strong opinion on that your "peers" tend to disagree with? what type of people are pretty and which type are ugly. i like people with black hair/ dark brown hair. bangs, most perferably side bangs. eyeliner, and tigh pant who like to paint and like photography. but people at my school like 50 cent, and the guy from outkast. and skater/surfer people.

what do you miss about your childhood? having NO problems at all besides not getting a certain stuffed animal i wanted.
what do you love about being older? closer to moving away
what is something that pisses you off? when people copy me
what irrational fears do you have? not sure what irrational means exactly. but i am scared of spiders and deer
what are your hobbies? (please don't say "going to shows" or "hanging out with friends." we're looking for shit like "putting ships in bottles" or "hiking" or something you do by yourself that takes some sort of skill.) playing bass and guitar. taking pictures. painting
why do you want to join? (honestly) because i found you on an intrest search thing under 'son ambulance' and i like them a lot, so i thought i would apply
what makes you unique? i am the only person at my school with a piercing besides my nose or ears.


your current myspace picture or myspace-esque picture / link:
i don't have a myspace

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