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name:Shmeggie to the Mizzil
location:keene and shmerrimack new hampsha

top seven "scene" bands/artists:
1. These Green Eyes
2. The Flaming Tsumanis
3. Malachi Constant :-P
5. Avery Underwawa
6. Jeez jessay, there are too many!
7. Jessay and the Rippers

top six "non-scene" bands/artists: (pop/rock/metal/rap/whatever)
1. Dashboard Confessionals
2. Flogging Molly
3. MSI
4. The Fainy
5. Spice Girls
6. Yellowcard

top five local bands/artists:
1. These Green Eyes
3. Malachi Constant
4. Avery Underwater
5. The band Dan is in. . .

top four books:
1. Nancy Drew
2. This one. . .
3. Flowers in the Attic
4. Cosmo. . .

top three movies:
1. Hedwig
2. Donnie Darko
3. Now and Then

top two tv shows:
1. Family Guy
2. Unwrapped

favorite quote: "I'm not drunk, the world is just a few drinks behind."
favorite lyric: "Drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and fight! Drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and fight! And if I see a pretty girl, I'll sleep with her tonight! Aaw, I'll drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and FIGHT!" -Floggy Molly
first concert: Moffatts :-D
first show: ^
words/phrases you over-use: psh, shno, pft
words/phrases you hate: lol, lmao

which song : \
makes you dance? All
makes you cry/is good to cry to? shnun, i aint no fucking pussy
makes you laugh? *shrug*
makes you cringe? why am i listening to music that makes me cringe?
moves you? the ones that make me dance
puts you to sleep? any
brings the mosh? Wannabe. . . Spice Girls. . . you knoow
reminds you of someone you love? *shrug*
reminds you of your childhood? *shrug*
is impossible not to sing along to? why is there bold code in the middle of a bold coded line? none
is your biggest guilty pleasure? ha i like britney spears and other such crappy pop and im perdy open aboot it
describes you/your life, and why? ew no thank you
do you listen to on repeat, why? ew i would neeeeever
has a painful memory attached? none
has an amazing memory attached? none
has a hilarious memory attached? none dern it

bush: i shave
kerry: i dont like her
third party candidates: three parties in one night?? woooah
sex: i wish evan didnt suck at it cuz hes hot, and i wish mike was more aggressive!! arr
drugs/alcohol: yes please
education: no thanks
depression: woo!
trends/fashion: too expencive
stereotypes: for the ignorant
religion: for those who believe in fairy tales
abortion: pro-choice
death-penalty: sure
war: laaame
what is one subject that you have a strong opinion on that your "peers" tend to disagree with? almost everything, i guess im just wrong. . .

what do you miss about your childhood? the entire thing
what do you love about being older? boobies
what is something that pisses you off? people
what irrational fears do you have? i aint no pussy
what are your hobbies? going to shows, hanging out with friends, putting ships in bottles, hiking
why do you want to join? i <3 jessay mack. . . didnt i fill out this application before??
what makes you unique? haha when our pledges had to go around and say what they knew about each sister heres what i got summed up: "shes unique and wears two different socks :-)"


your current myspace picture or myspace-esque picture / link:

my fantabulous account

your "style":

you and your friends:

look at the racks on these gals!!
please excuse my massive amount of sorority pics. . . those are the only ones i have :-)

a random picture of anything:


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