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1) Write a paragraph telling us all the boring stuff that's usually in the beginning of an application.
Now for fun-- Heh , too boring to state them all , please tell me you're kidding.
2) If you were re-incarnated as anything, what would it be and why? A white tiger , because they are simply gorgeous.
3) Would you rather go on a scavenger hunt or a relay race? Scavenger hunt.
4) Would you rather be more like - Female: Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? Male: Collin Ferrel or Clark Gable? Audrey Hepburn
5) Would you rather marry- female: Clark Gable or Collin Ferrel? Male: Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? (If you're homosexual just switch those around!) Neither , I'd rather have Johnny Depp
6) What decade do you like the most? And tell me why please? The 1980's , because the music was great , and the style was wild
7) If you woke up tomorrow as the opposite sex, what would you do? Play with my new penis!
8) Do you like The Cure? Not particularly
9) What do you plan on naming your children? Why? Damian Scott , because it the name of the my cousin , whom I love with all my heart , and Rory Leigh because I think Rory is a beautiful name and Leigh because it's my middle name.
10) If I told you I was shipping you off to Athens tomorrow and you could only bring 11.5 things, what would you bring?
1) eyeliner
2) mascara
3) The A-Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers
4) Dr. Pepper
5) Ramen Noodles
6) A chef who can make me all the Chinese I could eat.
7) A laptop
8) My camera
9) Music
10) Porn!!!
11) Batteries for my Camera
11.5) Half a chocolate chip cookie.

11) Make up a question and put it here, because frankly, I don't want to deal with a number 11. How do you use your Sharpie???
12) What is(are) your sn(s)? Jill Thy Ripper
13) What's turns you on and off? On: Green eyes , hipbones , dark hair , humor Off: Bad hygeine , Conceited people , Liars
14) Name one thing in the world that you hate more than anything else? (This could be something someone does or is, or just an object..) People who try to be something they're not
15) Would you ever call someone's teddy bear ugly? No , I don't like to hurt peoples feelings
Now some pictures---

{Edit :: I forgot to lj-cut >.< Eeeek.}
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