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1) Write a paragraph telling us all the boring stuff that's usually in the beginning of an application.
Haha. Love the way that was said.
*My name's Carla. I'm 17 and live in a lil shit town in Cali. I'm a band and drama club geek. I'm starting my senior year the day after tomorrow...and.....my favorite cheese is monterey jack?
Now for fun--
2) If you were re-incarnated as anything, what would it be and why? A dolphin. They are the only other mammals that have sex for pleasure.
3) Would you rather go on a scavenger hunt or a relay race? Scavenger hunt. I love surprises and the butterlies and cute anxiety u get when u find something.
4) Would you rather be more like - Female: Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? Male: Collin Ferrel or Clark Gable? *Marilyn Monroe- she was absolutely gorgeous and was a size 14. She was just glamourous.
5) Would you rather marry- female: Clark Gable or Collin Ferrel? Male: Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? (If you're homosexual just switch those around!)* Collin Ferrel. He's hilarious.
6) What decade do you like the most? And tell me why please?
I like the 80's. there style was super crazy and fun..which is actually come back now.
7) If you woke up tomorrow as the opposite sex, what would you do?
Pee. Damn u men!!! u don't have to sit on a cold toilet seat int he morning.
8) Do you like The Cure? I'm rather partial, when it comes to them,. But from what i have listened to, they're pretty good.
9) What do you plan on naming your children? Why?
Girl- Alexa- i just think it's pretty and exotic sounding.
Boy-Damien- My best-friend who died in a car accident's name.
10) If I told you I was shipping you off to Athens tomorrow and you could only bring 11.5 things, what would you bring?
1. the original olympics torch. haha
3.ivy wreath,
4.sandals with wings
5.Sadziki on bread. It's yogurt, cucumber,garlic, and salt. yummy.
6.An agora bracelet
7.A matia. Stones that ward off evil
8. olives
9. a hand made greek boatr
10.Shoes from Spiliopoulos
11.A wine book
.5 Half of a live sponge from their atlantic ocean

11) Make up a question and put it here, because frankly, I don't want to deal with a number 11.
Do i love this mods laziness?
12) What is(are) your sn(s)? Sweet_n_sexy and...gustine buffy(Old one haha)
13) What's turns you on and off? Turn on-a sexy voice Turn-off- impertinence
14) Name one thing in the world that you hate more than anything else? (This could be something someone does or is, or just an object..) Popcorn stuck in your teeth
15) Would you ever call someone's teddy bear ugly? well, i guess it depends on who's teddy bear it is....aw hell. YES. or at least i'd look at it funny.
Now some pictures---

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