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i hope i am fit

1) Name and nicknames. (explain why that's your nickname.) Real name = Morgan, most common nickname = Morgi pssh, I don't know how they spell it. People just say it because they think it sounds cute. Most of the time they just call me Morgan.
2) Age and birthday. 13 - June 22, 1990
3) Top ten bands. Postal Service, Coheed and Cambria, Cursive, Bright Eyes, Jet, Bond, Metric, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, From Autumn to Ashes, Taking Back Sunday
4) Top five literary works (books, anthologies, magazines, etc.) Dracula, A Great and Terrible Beauty, The Year of Secret Assignments, Lirael, Abhorsen
5) Top five most important things in your life. Good company, creativity, open mindfulness, religion, understanding of what's going on in the world.
6) Favorite decade in time and WHY. The 20's, because of all the nightlife among the richer classes who were surviving the depression.
7) Favorite food. Buttered and garlic noodles with a few tamales.
8) Most cherished item, and why. The little diamond cross around my neck, as it reminds me of both my parents and my brother, even though we are all seperated.
9) Hobbies. Drawing, playing the piano, writing, photography, vacationing at unfamiliar destinations.


10) What's your view on the eighties? Loved the style of it all and how carefree everyone seemed. I envy my brother for being an 80's child.
11) What's your view on homosexuals and their relationships? They're so nice and open about it. They needed to be treated with all the constitutional rights as the rest of America. It would be, duh, unconstitutional if otherwise.
12) What's your view on abortion? I'm a pro-lifer. If you don't want to put up with the child after birth, then make sure he/she will have a nice home or is up for adoption. The only difference between a live infant and growing fetus is the enviroment. They still share characteristics of pain and growing like anything living.
13) What's your view on Christianity? I am a Christian, yeah, but I don't go around screaming "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!!!" - unless I'm being a moron, that is. I mean, pick out whatever religion you want. If you find comfort in Buddhism then go ahead and be a Buddhist. I don't like it when some Christians run around saying Turn of Burn to random people, because that's forcing a religion upon someone who may not be interested.
14) What's your view on scenies? Some are nice, most tend to come off as total jerks. I try to ignore most.
15) What's your view on edge (sXe) kids? Whatever floats your boat. Yay for staying out of drugs and all that crud. Sure, I'll stay drugfree, but can't stay sXe.


16) What's your favorite quote? If you're not living life on the edge, then you're taking up too much space.
17) Paint me a funny picture on paint or tell a funny joke. "I love California! I practically grew up in Phoenix." - Dan Quayle, former U.S. Vice President
18) Are you a dork? If so explain one way that you are? I'm an overobsessive dork, I am I am. I put on weird types of eyeshadow just for fun and dance when no one is looking.
19) I forgot favorite movies at the top, so give me your top 3. Moulin Rouge, Chicago, All of Me
20) Do you like animals, or have a pet? I have a dwarf hamster, a cat, and a dog.
21) How would you be a good member? Stay active, vote, and promote.

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