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i hope i am fit

1) Name and nicknames. (explain why that's your nickname.): Cara
2) Age and birthday.: 13, July 16, 1990
3) Top ten bands.: Phantom Planet, Get Licious, Death Cab for Cutie, O.A.R., Rooney, The Thrills, The Von Bondies, The Strokes, The Clash, Gavin DeGraw
4) Top five literary works (books, anthologies, magazines, etc.): Animal Farm, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, The Phantom Tollbooth, The Lion That Had Asthma, Life Strategies for Teens
5) Top five most important things in your life.: family, friends, Religious values, animals, school
6) Favorite decade in time and WHY.: 80's. You have to love the movies, the music, the clothes.
7) Favorite food.:I don't really have a favorite food but right now I really like waffles.
8) Most cherished item, and why.:my Bible. It was my grandfather's before he died and is the only thing I own of his to remember him.
9) Hobbies.:writing letters that will never be sent, taking photos, making videos, piano, field hockey


10) What's your view on the eighties?:It was good and I wish I was a part of it. I'm completely in love with the music and the movies.
11) What's your view on homosexuals and their relationships? That's fine. People shouldn't get in their business and should just let them be. I don't know why people have issues with that.
12) What's your view on abortion?: People should take this seriously and make the right decision about it. Do they really want to look back on it years later and feel guilt? If they aren't able to take care of the child they should really put them up for adoption instead.
13) What's your view on Christianity?: Well I am a Christian so I guess I have nothing against it. I'm not a really Religious person. I don't like those really Religious people that go to Church every day and then they are disrespectful to everyone else, which makes them asses.
14) What's your view on scenies?: They're okay. Only a couple I know are the ones I like. The rest all just enjoy feeling superior to others, which isn't rad.
15) What's your view on edge (sXe) kids?: It's great and all but only if they're commited to it. Don't do it because everyone else is. Do it if you're serious.


16) What's your favorite quote? Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it."- Ferris Bueller's Day Off
17) Paint me a funny picture on paint or tell a funny joke.

18) Are you a dork? If so explain one way that you are?: Yes I am. For my last birthday I had a Pokemon party.
19) I forgot favorite movies at the top, so give me your top 3.: Ferris Bueller's Day Off, A Walk To Remember, The Lion King
20) Do you like animals, or have a pet?: I like animals very much. I have two cats, Moo-moo and Skittles, and a dog, Darla.
21) How would you be a good member?: I would rate people honestly and not just vote them for their looks or if they're an acquaintance of mine.

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