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Julia and Shelby are sex...


1) Write a paragraph telling us all the boring stuff that's usually in the beginning of an application.
Well. You asked. So...I'm 22, female... I listen to almost everything except country... I'm mostly straight, might be bi-curious, but I do love the cock.... I like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain. I have a pet monkey named Sal. (okay, not really.) uhhhhm...Fire burn tree pretty. okay, I'm bored. moving on.

Now for fun--
2) If you were re-incarnated as anything, what would it be and why?
Not a cockroach, that's for damn sure.
mmm... maybe a house cat. No worries, they feed me, pet me, and I don't have to pay back college loans.
Or a transsexual. Cause that's just gotta be interesting. I'm sure I'd be forced to be so introspective about life that I'd move up several lessons on the karma ladder.

3) Would you rather go on a scavenger hunt or a relay race?
Scavenger hunt!

4) Would you rather be more like - Female: Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? Male: Collin Ferrel or Clark Gable?
mmm... Marylin Monroe. Or Betty Page, even though she's not listed.

5) Would you rather marry- female: Clark Gable or Collin Ferrel? Male: Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? (If you're homosexual just switch those around!)
Vin Diesel's not a choice? bummer. I guess I'll go with Clark Gable. Or maybe Marilyn...

6) What decade do you like the most? And tell me why please?
ooh. That's a toughie. errrr.... I guess the 80's. Why? 'cuz I was born in the 80's, so of course it was a good decade.... plus, we got Rainbow Brite and Care Bears and Thundercats and Smurfs & all the other cool toys/shows... how do we know they're cool? because they haven't come up with anything better. Search the toy aisle of Target- they're bringing everything back, from Strawberry Shortcake to My Little Pony...

7) If you woke up tomorrow as the opposite sex, what would you do?
Honestly? As soon as I got over the shock, (or maybe before, because I'm sure I'd think I was dreaming at first and just accept it) ...I'd jack off. Because I've always wanted to know how it is for a guy, and i couldn't be sure this phenomenon would last. Plus, the physical knowledge would probably make me a better lover if I turned back into a girl at some point. (hmm... or even if I didn't. now that I think about it.)
Then I'd stay in bed for a while and decide if this was a situation that required panic or not.

8) Do you like The Cure?
Yeah. And the Smiths, and Bauhaus...

9) What do you plan on naming your children? Why?
Girls: Ariel, Jade, or Mercy
Boys: Alex, Jett, or Max.
Just because I like the letters A, J, and M. And I think the names are unique enough to not be ho-hum, but not so weird that my kids would get teased in school about it.

10) If I told you I was shipping you off to Athens tomorrow and you could only bring 11.5 things, what would you bring?
2.Traveler's Cheques/other money stuff
3.a walkman with a small case of my top 10 cd's
4.one small rolling suitcase
5.(impractical) club clothes
6.(practical) touring/rugged clothes, socks, undies, etc.
7. small backpack with a jar of peanut butter, a few chocolate bars and some american-style ketchup packets, with some room left in for bringing souvenirs back
8. sketchbook and mini-paint box
9. Fodor's travel guide for Athens
10. my laptop (w/ wi-fi card)
11. Cell phone (w/ international calling capabilities)
11.5: half-used pot of burt's bees lip balm

Then I'd be good to go- I could enjoy myself as a tourist, or set up shop and prepare to live there with my trusty 'lectronic linkage.

11) You are in an all white room. White walls, white door, ceiling, carpet. You're going to be here a while, like it or not. How do you feel in this room?

Gimme my crayons!! These walls need some color!

12) What is(are) your sn(s)?
uhh, Yinshu. oh, and eliehn (AIM).

13) What's turns you on and off?
turn ons: beautiful eyes, strong arms, big hands, good kissers.
turn offs: whiners, drama kings, khaki pants, Weird Al (don't get me wrong, I like weird al. Just... wouldn't wanna make out while listening to him in the background. ugh.)

14) Name one thing in the world that you hate more than anything else? (This could be something someone does or is, or just an object..)
My mother's headgames

15) Would you ever call someone's teddy bear ugly?
mmm....no, probably not. Unless they really pissed me off.

Now some pictures---

(yeah, my hair's straighter and dyed black and blue here... just a different sort of look from the other two)

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