August 11th, 2004

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1) Write a paragraph telling us all the boring stuff that's usually in the beginning of an application. Well since i've done an application before and shit they usually ask for your full name and sex, race, age, and some medical shit. and then you go there and you get an interview and then you answer a lot of bullshit questions and they judge you and then they tell you if you are 'good enough' to work at the fucking factory.
Now for fun--
2) If you were re-incarnated as anything, what would it be and why? i would probably be an owl so i could sleep all day and then go kill rats and shit at night and give mail to harry potter.
3) Would you rather go on a scavenger hunt or a relay race? i would go on a relay race so that i could do the one-legged race.
4) Would you rather be more like - Female: Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? Male: Collin Ferrel or Clark Gable? Marilyn Monroe, because she's a hot ass bitch and she had an affair with the president.
5) Would you rather marry- female: Clark Gable or Collin Ferrel? Male: Marilyn Monroe or Audrey Hepburn? (If you're homosexual just switch those around!) Colling Ferrel, i guess
6) What decade do you like the most? And tell me why please? I like the 80's because of blondie and the police(not the tribute!) and because everyone was happy and they had some cool cars.
7) If you woke up tomorrow as the opposite sex, what would you do? i would be like oh what the fuck then go buy a bunch of clothes and try to get pulled over so when the cop says 'let me see your ID' and im a chick in the pic then they'll be like WTF you're going to jail, then call my parents and they would DISOWN me.
8) Do you like The Cure? hmm i dont listen to them that much but i DO like ska, punk, and other junk.
9) What do you plan on naming your children? Why? if i had some kids i would name the chick: Dezera (after TJ's x girlfriend) and then if i had a boy i would name him charlie from that book perks of being a wallflower.
10) If I told you I was shipping you off to Athens tomorrow and you could only bring 11.5 things, what would you bring? 1. my best friend 2. my camera 3. my bass 4. my kick ass BLACK shoes who nobody else has except julia 5. my cd's 6. rudy the parrot 7. some money 8. donkey kong 9. my friends 10. a number 2 from mccdonalds 11. my clothes
11) Make up a question and put it here, because frankly, I don't want to deal with a number 11. 11. Did your mother ever lock you in a closet for 15 years and then take you out, then you got online?
12) What is(are) your sn(s)? antarticalover
13) What's turns you on and off? turn on's: nice boys who would rather be with pretty girls and not hot girls with big boobz haha, people who tell the truth, people that want to make sure that their mate is happy, drummers, open mindeness, guys who will come to your play rather then get high. turn off's: assholes, attention hungry-ness, abusive men, too much shyness, drug addicts who don't have time for anything else BUT drugs, smelly people, bad breath, haha.
14) Name one thing in the world that you hate more than anything else? (This could be something someone does or is, or just an object..) i hate when plans change at the last minute then my mother says 'well why dont you just go out some other night?'
15) Would you ever call someone's teddy bear ugly? well i mean if they called my bear ugly then i would call there's ugly
Now some pictures---

right after i got my braces off^

uhh at gammy's house haha

me playing bass

well i would put more but i have to go eat a hamburger ok there ya go
now i am goign to try to do LJ cut but i forgot how to so yeah here goes
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