June 20th, 2004



1) Name and nicknames. Denise, dp.. because my last name starts with a "p" and its erally long so i guess one of my friends just started calling me dp and it just stuck with everyone.
2) Age and birthday. 14, January 24, 1990
3) Top ten bands. britney spears, maroon 5, greenday, beastie boys, styx, jewel, dave matthews band, phish, guns n roses, less than jake
4) Top five literary works (books, anthologies, magazines, etc.) seventeen magazine, COSMOgirl!, the dating game, vouge, harry potter
5) Top five most important things in your life. family, friends, schoolwork, looks, fashion
6) Favorite decade in time and WHY. 2000's because thats how it is now and i like everything thats going on with the fashion, technology and evverything.
7) Favorite food. MCDONALDS
8) Most cherished item, and why. my bathroom (even though its not a item) because it has ALL of my stuff and its really organized and neat and if it ever got messsed up i think i would flip out.
9) Hobbies. tae kwon do (black belt), horseback riding, track, painting, drawing, sketching, tanning, hanging out with friends, shopping, swimming...


10) What's your view on the eighties? i really liked the club scence, because the 80s was the times when people like became unique and remembered.
11) What's your view on homosexuals and their relationships? i dont mind it because i belive that people could love whoever they want to, lvoe is love.
12) What's your view on abortion? i believe that abortion is bad because first off if you didnt want a baby you shouldnt have had sex, plus when you have an abortion you killing a potential life, which is terrible.
13) What's your view on Christianity? im not very religious
14) What's your view on scenies? wtf is scenies?
15) What's your view on edge (sXe) kids? i have no clue what that means...


16) What's your favorite quote? it works, if you work it.
17) Paint me a funny picture on paint or tell a funny joke. why did michael jackson run to kmart? because he heard the boys pants were half off.
18) Are you a dork? If so explain one way that you are? no i am not a dork at all.
19) I forgot favorite movies at the top, so give me your top 3. basketball diaries, old school, thirteen
20) Do you like animals, or have a pet? yes i love animals, my favorite is horses and i have one dog (beagle) named Sparky.
21) How would you be a good member? im very outgoing, truthful and friendly.
Now...at least three pictures, at least one showing your face CLEARLY., and remember..everything behind a cut.

on the right

on the left