May 31st, 2004

I Hope I Am Fit


1) Name and nicknames. Daniela, Dee, Billy.. Dee because I wanted something as a nickname but I didn't want to be called Danny. Billy, My friends just started calling me that.
2) Age and birthday. 14 years old. April 23
3) Top ten bands.I listen to rap and hip hop but my top 10 rap/ hiphop people are
eminem, 50 cent, lil kim, trina, d12, chingy, nelly, ludacris, missy elliot,juvenile
4) Top five literary works- Smack, Cut, Catch-22,Catcher in the Rye,Desperation
5) Top five most important things in your life.School, Friends, love, family,happiness
6) Favorite decade in time and WHY. Can't pick. They all have something special.
7) Favorite food.Spegetti
8) Most cherished item, and why.My diary becuase I want to be able to look back and remember things that at one time ment the world to me. It also gives me some place to vent and get out everything.
9) Hobbies. writing, dancing, art, i'm a cheerleader and I was a gymnast


10) What's your view on the eighties? Dont have one wasn't born yet and havnt heard much about them. sorry
11) What's your view on homosexuals and their relationships? If they are happy then why should I have the right to judge? If they are in love and are happy then i'm for it.
12) What's your view on abortion? It matters on the cirumstance. I am not for it but not against it. Use protection and hopefully you won't be faced with that decision.
13) What's your view on Christianity? Its a religion. I'm christian but i'm not religious. If that's what you choose to follow that's fine and if you dont then okay.
14) What's your view on scenies? i dont know what that is
15) What's your view on edge (sXe) kids? um?


16) What's your favorite quote? Don't regret something that once made you happy
17) Paint me a funny picture on paint or tell a funny joke. A banana with wings, why doesnt mast have a debate team? cuz then they would be the masterbators.. ha ha ha okay that joke stunk but i dont know jokes sorry
18) Are you a dork? If so explain one way that you are? I dont think I am, but if you count liking to read alot then yes I am a dork.
19) I forgot favorite movies at the top, so give me your top 3. American pie 2, road trip, you got served
20) Do you like animals, or have a pet? yeah no i dont have a pet i like animals like tigers lions alligators and non pet kind of animals.
21) How would you be a good member? Well you can be sure i'll comment and i love talking to new people. least three pictures, at least one showing your face CLEARLY., and remember..everything behind a cut. the username is mizzbilly

sorry i dont know how to do the cut thing, and when you see the pics please dont judge me and say i'm a whore those were a joke and there the only pics i have of me.