May 27th, 2004

The Mod

Ok, guys. This is bullshit. No one is prmoting. Here's what's going to happen. Reply to this posting with 3 people or communities you promoted to. If not you will be blocked. I will check to see if you really promoting to them. Please do.
Sincerely your mod,
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My name is Cindi. ..yup

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1) Name and nicknames. (explain why that's your nickname.)My name is Cindi. People call me Miss Lou, cindi lou, or charlie. (my last name is brown.. ie charlie brown. lou because my middle name is lou..)
2) Age and birthday. I am 15. Turning 16. July 13th, 1988.
3) Top ten bands. Against me!, Q and not u, The mars volta, Modest Mouse, The Velvet Underground, The clash, A-ha, Tears for Fears, The cure, and choking victim
4) Top five literary works (books, anthologies, magazines, etc.) Naked Lunch, the perks of being a wallflower, catcher in the rye, bruce campbell's, 'if chins could kill, and to kill a mockingbird.
5) Top five most important things in your life. That would probably be my best friend, my ties, my golfing shoes, my camera, sunglasses?
6) Favorite decade in time and WHY. Duh. the 80's. Mainly because people wore the craziest stuff and were never labeled or catergorized. ..except the preps.. .but they didn't dress crazy..
7) Favorite food... maple walnut icecream.
8) Most cherished item, and why. sunglasses? i wear them all the time..
9)Hobbies..i like to walk photograph, listen to music and chizzil
10) What's your view on the eighties? Best era.
11)What's your views on homosexuals and their relationships? I don't really care.

12) What's your view on abortion? I am prolife
13) What's your view on Christianity? I am not..
14) What's your view on scenies? what?
15)What's your view on edge (sXe) kids? I am sxe.


16) What's your favorite quote?i think therefore i am
17) Paint me a funny picture on paint or tell a funny joke.three men walk into a bathroom. one comes out and the bartender asks "What were you doing in there. the man replies "blowin bubbles". another man comes out and the bartender asks again "what were you doing in there, the answers the same "blowing bubbles". the third man comes out and the bartender says "let me were blowing bubbles" and the man replies.."no.. i am bubbles"
18) Are you a dork? If so explain one way that you are?i am kinda a dork.. i knock into stuff alot..
19) I forgot favorite movies at the top, so give me your top flew over the cuckoos nest, the evil dead, fight club
20) Do you like animals, or have a pet?i like cats. i used to have one. it got hit by a car.
21) How would you be a good member?I love the 80's. I take alot of pics. I am insane.


and that is all love.

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