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Base Icons

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Base Icons

Welcome to Baseline, a community dedicated to text free, Uncustomised and un-animated base Icons, ideal for use as simple user Pics or ready for customisation.

The Basics
In order to view and post bases, you have to be a member. However, before you join please read the rules below:

.This is not an icon customisation community, so don't bother asking for us to customise bases!
.Do not Steal bases, customise and claim as your own or you will automatically be banned. Please comment when taking a base.
.No promotion of any other communities, unless you have gained permission from the Mod.
.Please only post bases that are 100 x 100 pixels and are free from customisation, text and animation. Borders are allowed.
.You must Join before you can can see any bases.
.All Entries must be Friends only.
.Do not re-direct users to your own community, disabling comments and posting directly from our own site/community.

The Mod's have the right to accept, edit or delete any bases especially if the rules have not been followed. Any comments or concerns should be emailed to Baseline_Help@Hotmail.com and not commented on the Mod's personal journal

If we find that members are continually breaking the rules or mistreating the community they will be banned. We will not accept spiteful or rude comments, stealing or not crediting, you have been warned.

Now, if you have read the rules or are already familiar with the community then feel free to join here

If you wish to become an affiliate of this community then please just comment, supply us with a button (if you have one) and we shall return the favour, simple!

Banned Users
There are currently no banned users

Please help to promote this community by putting one of the buttons below into your userinfo. Not sure how to do this...just ask?

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The Moderators are ________sparkle and forgottensmile_, want to become a fellow Mod? Please just ask, we are currently looking for other mods to help co-run this community so just comment.

If you have any further comments, suggestions or problems then please just leave a comment and we'll hope to get back to you as soon as possible!