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eyesscreamx - Agile

AIM: oh space robot

lyke___omgheidi - Heidi

AIM: heidi lyke omfgz

a_hailofbullets - RyAnn

AIM: OSnapFuuurrryyy

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oo1. Respect the mods, or be shot
oo3. If rejected don't bash the community, you joined for a reason
oo4. Can't handle rejection? Please join, we'd like something to laugh at
oo6. Put "Bang Bang, you're dead" in the subject line, so we know you read the rules
oo8. Don't take anything we say personally, this is the internet, it's not reality
oo9. If somone thinks you're ugly, get over it
o1o. Vote 'yes', 'no', or 'undecided'
o11. If you're a homophobe, please leave, and go die
o12. If you're racist, follow rule 12
o13. Apply within 5 days of joining, if you don't, you will be removed from the members list
o14. Don't vote or comment until you have been stamped by one of the Mods
o15. d0N't TyP3 LyK di$5 yEw r3tArD
o16. If you're 13 or under, wait untill you're 14 to apply. If you're under 14, but think you have the capability to be a part of this, contact the head mod. ((( agile )))
o17. Put "Bang, I Hit The Ground" in the lj-cut title
o18. Fill out the entire application
o19. Don't be a loser, stupid people suck
o2o. Community open to both guys & girls
o21. This is not a community for any particular type of person, this is a rating community, so just have fun with it.
o22. Wait at least three days before being stamped. If it takes longer than a week, put a simple post up saying Need to be stamped, bitch! and link us to your application or give us the URL addy.
o23. Feel free to justify your answers in your application.
o24. To show you've read all of these, put the answer gooberdee to the question agga bagga.
o25. Have any questions? ask a Mod

oo1. Be harsh when voting on applicants
oo2. Stay active, post, vote, promote; do themes, scavenger hunts, and trivia
oo3. Promoting is allowed.....ON SUNDAYS ONLY
oo4. NO nudity, or I will pound you Nudity for 18+ and put lj-cut saying "Rated x"
oo5. Make sure your points are right on the page.
oo6. For trivia, put "TRIVIA" as subject and "OH I SO KNOW!" as lj-cut.
oo7. For Theme, put "THEMESTA" as subject and title of theme (italicized) as lj-cut.
oo8. For scav. hunts, put "SCAVVY" as subject and "PHOTOHUNTER" as lj-cut.
oo9. Text-only posts are allowed.
o1o. When posting something that you should have points in, post the number of points in large, red font under the lj-cut.
o11. Don't fight, it's annoying and immature

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Applicants.. Please read all the applicant rules.
Once you become a member, read the member rules.
Once you get rejected.. You suck. But you may re-apply.

DO NOT EVER use rich text! ever

Here are this weeks
- Scavenger Hunt
- Trivia Questions
- and Theme!
(Tuesday, October 11 - Friday, October 21)

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Points will be marked down if you don't have a picture, so create one in paint, photoshop or google it!
Be creative!

1.) Colombus
2.) Colombia
3.) Your dream necklace
4.) Your nose
5.) Your bathroom
6.) My Little Pony
7.) Your favorite part of the 90's
8.) Your favorite childhood video game.

Scavenger Hunt Posts Are Worth 20 Points.

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+ + Which city was known as Yerba Buena, "Good Herb", at the time of the 1849 California gold rush?
+ + In response to sound waves, the vibrations of what membrane leads to the sensation of hearing?
+ + When the Apollo 12 astronauts landed on the moon, the impact caused the moon's surface to create what?
+ + For one team, there are a total of how many outs in a baseball game in the major leagues?
+ + Which planet in the solar system has the most satelites (moons)?
+ + Which color car has the most accidents?
+ + In which Old Testament book is the story of the tower of Babel?
+ + The English bible is translated in what three languages?
+ + In Greek Mythology who was the God of Fire?

For every trivia question answered correctly you will recieve 5 points.

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We want to see yo groooooove thang. Whether it's on a stage or a DDR mat, show us your style. School dances, including homecoming, do count.

Theme Posts Are Worth 10 Points.

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The deal is, we like active members. No, we LOVE active members. Prove to us we should love you by getting points.
The way you can get points is by promoting, which not only gives you promo points for the contest, but also 5 points per promotion for regular points.

Posting pictures (under an LJCUT of course) will give you 1 point per picture (please don't post more than 20 pictures at a time, though.)
Text posts give you 5 points.
Scavenger Hunts gives you 20 points.
& Theme posts are worth 10 points.

There will be 3 winners at the end of each month.

First Place: Member of the month (which will go into the member of the year award pile) and 3 auto-accepts.
If the first place winner beats the second place winner by more than 300 points, they will recieve a photoshopped image of themselves and a ___bangxbang__x tshirt sent home.
Second Place: 2 auto-accepts and "dedicated member" award.
Third Place: 1 auto-accept and "active member" award.

(( This months points : July 11 - August 31 ))

Member Of The Year? Dubble Ewe Tee Eff?!
Each member of the month will go into the member of the year pile, which every April 14th, members can vote for their favorite member. If one of the member of the months leaves that year, the second place of that month will go in their place, etc.

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Congratulations to our new Member Of The Month!


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