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Before they got famous!

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Wondered what your favourite celebrities looked like before fame?
You came to the right place!




This community was established on December 21/04. So far we have about 200+ Celebrities posted, and 230+ members. If you join, you will have posting access, and you will be able to request others to find you younger pictures of your favourite celebrity. To make it all easier, there are memories, and names of the person posted in the entries so you know who they are!

The MOD/Maintainers of this community are; e_ye_ca_ndy, _bitt3rsw33t_, pinky_jolie, shaunama, and zacbop,

If you don't join this community.. you are certainly missing out.

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Welcome to ___backintheday where everyone is much younger than they currently are:)

Anyone is welcome to join, but please follow those following rules..

1. Always stay on topic, or you can use related topics.

2. Look at previous entries before you post. Check the memory system

3. Use a LJ cut for larger pictures, if you don't know how just go to the help section.

4. No attacking against other members, No off-topic posts, No posting Communities(unless you ask me)

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Please be patient if pending a request because it takes a while to acquire pictures.
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celebrity oops, bad bad plastic surgery. lots before and after photos.

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lots of celebrity info/pics and such. Some "Driven" Photos, providing before and after pics!

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celebrity info/pics/oopsies. Some before and after pics.

dress up your favourite celebrity!

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I recently created a moderator e-mail address so you can privately discuss some questions or concerns. We will e-mail you back asap. You may add us to IM if possible but I warn you, we will not be on so much.

the e-mail is backinthedaymoderators@hotmail.com

Thank you very much.

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