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my friends can't breathe underwater...

i guess they have weak lungs..

10/16/05 03:12 am - mynameisquinn

ApplicationCollapse )

8/1/05 01:49 pm - burnt_wolf - what the hell

ok, we need to update the application, cus almost no writing is required, and it makes me sad :-(

7/31/05 10:06 pm - _xjesus_freakx_ - app:/Whatever I say I am

applicationCollapse )

7/27/05 05:52 pm - burnt_wolf - pathetic

haha, we now have 2 members, the mod, and the one who was forced into joining.

7/24/05 11:22 pm - easily_replaced

Current Members:
me (your mod)
tony lovato (smoking lead singer of mest)
benji madden (chubby guitarist of good charlotte)
Darth Vader (no intro needed)
NeeNee (my asthmatic cat)
John Paul (Desiree' brother)
...mikey way used to be in it (until i found out he was an asthma poser...)

7/24/05 05:38 pm - easily_replaced

I am the Mod and since this is my first community i would be much obliged for any help with graphics or just figuring out livejournal communities!

also join my best friend's community

7/24/05 05:34 pm - easily_replaced


This community is new...
it started because of an inside joke with my friends... now you can join

You don't have to have asthma to join, but you do have to be funny, charming, or nifty!
Now apply and show everyone how cool (or uncool) you are!

You will be automatically accepted if you are one of the first ten people to apply.....
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