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Kay, I had to join. Andy Warhol is by far my favorite artist ever. AND, I live about 45 minutes away from the Andy Warhol museum...it's sweet. I've been there so many times.

By the way, the name is Elin. =]

new member...Hi!

hey i'm a new member and i'm real exctied about this community.i have some favs from Peter Max..he's one of my favorite aritist..i'm a painter myself and i was wondering if i could post some of my own..well here's one of my favs from Peter max

my favorite....i love it

okay well this should be fun!

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blah blee blah blee blah blooooooo....!?

i saw a realy really great movie to night it was called bully i watched it on ifc...(independent film channel)....it was about kids that are always stoned and have problems coming together to kill this dude who is a real fucking dick and then everything goes to shit afterward....it was fucking so real....like i could like get a feel for like everything happening to them...it was awesome....sooooooooo.....watch it some time if you get a chance<3
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new stuff.....i love you vronika<3

this artist is really good....i found this just like randomly looking at stuff.......it was in this german art gallery and they didn't list any artist names but i could tell that most of them were by the same artist.....but please look at the other art on this page if you have time...it is really good:) http://www.fkg.goe.ni.schule.de/galerie/kunst/popart/
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