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Hi this is exciting! I have no freinds and im lonely...yes its sad i know...but umm my name is amber and i live in grand rapids michigan...and i love chocolate milk and koolaid okay bye!

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Hi to all,

I am doing a film production this year and i have been surveying people on the streets and everywhere i go :)
Now im going to try livejournal.
Ok so my project is on beauty. Any sort of beauty, it doesn't have to be a person. It can be an object or a feeling. Anything at all. There are no right or wrongs.
The main question is on my journal, so just pop in give and answer and i will really appreciate your input.
Your name will also go on the credits list at the end of the film if i particularly like your answer :)
Even though your answer is not suitable for the film, i am still very much interested of all the different colours and shapes to beauty.

As i've heard a quote "I don't go for colours, shapes or sizes. I look for humanity."

Thank you to all, i really appreciate it.
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hey, i guess i'm new to this community
i saw kenneth noland in the userinfo and in the layout and it finalized my decision to join.
i'm also a huge andy warhol fan, a lot of the art i make is influenced by his work.
i make films, as well. not good ones, since the only camera i can afford right now is a little handheld camorder, but you know. i work with what i've got.

if you want to see what i look like there is a picture of me in my userinfo. :)
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New Indie Rock Community!!!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com 

Night Light Laundry Service is a brand new indie music community
and we're currently taking applicants.  The primary goal of this LJ
community is to share music and broaden our musical tastes.  Night Light
Laundry Service is also a great way to stay informed about all things impacting
the indie music scene.  Head on over to our userinfo page and
fill out an application if it looks like something you might be interested in
being a part of.

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hey i'm new - im jessca from michigan. I just wanted some where to talk about the kind of movies i like and music - i love indie films - everything else is too predictable and drawn out


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a musical rating and discussion group

sound_rationale is looking for new members. We are an ever evolving group of people who enjoy a broad range of music.

We also have a fantastic little ditty called 'The Game' where we all YSI MP3's and rate the music. It's a great way to learn about new (and old!) artists.

Please join us.
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Hi, I'm new here.  I know everyone hates intro posts so I'll make it short (I'm also not very good at them).  My name is Kate, I live in Canada (yay!).  I'm a 1st year (2nd year next week!) journalism student.  I'm really into music, I was in a band until I moved away.  I love art also.  Art History was in consideration to be my other major.  My favs are Andy Warhol, Van Gogh (I hope I spelled that right), and picasso.  Anyways feel free to add me and umm bye.

hi there co horts in crime.............

welll there is a little party thing at the local art gallery....pizza and wine on the 11th i might go maybe if i can convince my gf but i dont think she wants to.......so.....you shood try to watch the movie fresh and the movie y tu mama tambien.....they are both very good...they might come on the sundance channel or ifc again so look out for them...bye yall
i love you vronika<33333333333333333333333333333
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