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silence in black and white...

meat is murder.fuck that.
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All Members , Moderated




1. You must be atleast 14 [years of age] to join.
2. Don't judge/comment on anyone's post until you're accepted (except your own post).
You are NOT accepted until you are stamped.
3. Nude Photos please.
4. (optional)Bold your questions.
5. LJ-cut your application.
6. Be honest when voting.
8. Mod Votes count as THREE.
9. If you get rejected, you can apply again next week with different pictures,
but if you get rejected again, your done.
10. do NOT start shit with an accepted member (definately not a mod).
11. do not delete your application because you're getting bad votes,
or you will be banned.
12. If you promote a community in ___anti_vegan, promote us in their community
(and show proof.)

If you fail to follow the above rules, we will call you a loser.

1.name (first and middle):
2. age:
3. location:
4. height:
5. 5 or more favorite bands:
6. 5 or more favorite movies:
7. most embarrassing cd you own:
8. most embarrassing moment:
9. your favorite meat?
10. what are you afraid of?
11.what are you not afraid of?
12. do you give good high fives?

14. paper or plastic?
15. chocolate or white milk??
16. lip piercing or tongue piercing?
17. norma jean or as i lay dying?
18. black or white
19. me or you?
20. half full or half empty?

Yes or no:
21. war?
22. wear green on St. Patricks Day?
23. are you attracted to both sexs?
24. are the MODS hot?
25. do you sing in the shower?
26. curse a lot:
27. do you swear on the wholy bible and on your future baby to stay active?

28. pick a theme we could use for our community:
29. journal and/or community you promoted us in (show proof):
30. what should we add to this application:
31. on a scale from one to ten, what would you be?
32. 3 or more clear pictures, 1 eating meat, and one full body pic (try your best):