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Hey everyone, I thought you guys were the type of people I wanted on my community, zombieoutbreak, so please give it a look, its got lots of pics of guns, a few geeky people, some zombie fanboys, and some hardcore survivalists (I think) I will pimp your comunity on mine now.


hello. I am a vegetarian. I am an animal rights activist for Peta. I hand out flyers and set up booths for animal rights. I try to make a difference.I just try to spread the word and tell people what the slaughterhouses, restraunts and farmers actually do to the animals. I don't think anybody should kill for a living. Animals have feelings just like me and you do. People wouldn't kill thier dogs and eat them, so think before you eat. Meat is murder. and I think this has to be the most cruel and lame community I have ever seen. so anwser this whats so great about eating meat? killing animals for your taste buds? Think before you eat.
want to know the truth?
goto www.kfccruelty.com




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yea. thats me.


<lj-cut text="meat is murder,murder=mmMmm"> APPLICATION Basics 1.name (first and middle):Kayla elizabeth 2. age: 13(i decided to try out anyway) 3. location:lakeland 4. height:5'5" 5. 5 or more favorite bands: -postal service -dashboard confessional -anberlin -pretty girls make graves -copeland 6. 5 or more favorite movies: -Fight Club -butterfly effect -Igby goes down -alice in wonderland -breakfast at tiffanys 7. most embarrassing cd you own: New Found Glory 8. most embarrassing moment: i dont know. 9. your favorite meat? steak 10. what are you afraid of? being alone in the dark 11.what are you not afraid of? snakes 12. do you give good high fives? i sure as hell do random: 14. paper or plastic?paper,they're more easy to unload 15. chocolate or white milk? white milk 16. lip piercing or tongue piercing? monroe? 17. norma jean or as i lay dying? norma jean 18. black or white? white,but im not racist 19. me or you? you 20. half full or half empty?half empty Yes or no: 21. war?no 22. wear green on St. Patricks Day?yes 23. are you attracted to both sexs?not really 24. are the MODS hot?pft.hell yes 25. do you sing in the shower?YESS 26. curse a lot:when im mad 27. do you swear on the wholy bible and on your future baby to stay active?i'll do my best important! 28. pick a theme we could use for our community: everyone posts a picture of them eating a cheeseburger.IDONT KNOW?! 29. journal and/or community you promoted us in (show proof):ill do it in my journal 30. what should we add to this application: why arent you vegan? 31. on a scale from one to ten, what would you be? Seven. 32. 3 or more clear pictures, 1 eating meat, and one full body pic (try your best): that is so ugly, but its a taco, with meat in it. and i guess thats my body. ♥♥ p.s.im going to outback STEAKhouse tonight for dinner
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