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Basics (first and middle): Stephanie Marie
2. age:17
3. location: Lincoln Nebraska
4. height: 5'9"
5. 5 or more favorite bands: atmosphere, the sea and cake, q and not u, the shins, violent femmes, bjork, the ramones, modest mouse, blind melon, red hot chili peppers, built to spill, elliott smith, sonic youth, everlast, kottonmouth kings
6. 5 or more favorite movies: trainspotting, dancer in the dark, the dreamers, american history x, another day in paradise, throw momma from the train, saturday night fever, the breakfast club, magnolia, one flew over the cookoo's nest, the suicide club, battle royale, the stuff, forest gump, the wonderboys, kids, the birdcage, good morning vietnam, fern gully, how high, dead poets society, about schmidt, the rebel rousers, Misery, the triplets of bellville, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, as good as it gets, alice in wonderland.

I like my movies

7. most embarrassing cd you own: deftones
8. most embarrassing moment: being yelled at in front of others. In General.
9. your favorite meat? Vegi-Sausage [morning star]
10. what are you afraid of? Anemia, moths, bugs, commitment.
11.what are you not afraid of? everything else, fucker, get out of my way.
12. do you give good high fives? The best

14. paper or plastic? paper. Better for the environment, you know.
15. chocolate or white milk?? silk milk. Chocolate only.
16. lip piercing or tongue piercing? tounge
17. norma jean or as i lay dying? norma jean
18. black or white? black and white
19. me or you? both of us should be okay.
20. half full or half empty? it'll be gone before it really matters.

Yes or no:
21. war? never.
22. wear green on St. Patricks Day? only if I'm asked.
23. are you attracted to both sexs? i'm attracted, yes.
24. are the MODS hot? i'm not attracted, no.
25. do you sing in the shower? More of a bath person, and no, I don't sing in it.
26. curse a lot: I swear like a bastard.
27. do you swear on the wholy bible and on your future baby to stay active? no.

28. pick a theme we could use for our community: Blood. Blood. Blood. Daisies.
29. journal and/or community you promoted us in (show proof): fadingmirage
30. what should we add to this application: What you hate about vegans. Like a list or something. Maybe make a rival community of vegans who hate anti-vegans.
31. on a scale from one to ten, what would you be? 6.5
32. 3 or more clear pictures, 1 eating meat, and one full body pic (try your best):


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