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I thought this'd be fun....

Basics (first and middle): Alyssa Marie
2. age: 14
3. location: Southbury
4. height: 5'5"
5. 5 or more favorite bands: ben folds, finch, rufus wainwright, matchbook romance, my chemical romance
6. 5 or more favorite movies: Secret window, Edward Scissorhands, The passion (i know, it's weird), Meet the Fockers
7. most embarrassing cd you own: Britney Spears (I KNOW IT'S FROM 4TH GRADE!)
8. most embarrassing moment: when i get the music wrong in band (yeah i'm a music nerd)
9. your favorite meat? chicken
10. what are you afraid of? being alone
11.what are you not afraid of? dying
12. do you give good high fives? usually

14. paper or plastic? plastic
15. chocolate or white milk?? either
16. lip piercing or tongue piercing? i'd rather eyebrow, but neither
17. norma jean or as i lay dying?as i lay dying
18. black or white white
19. me or you? me
20. half full or half empty? half empty

Yes or no:
21. war? nope, not really....extreme cases
22. wear green on St. Patricks Day? i'm not irish so no.
23. are you attracted to both sexs? ahah, nope, sorry
24. are the MODS hot? no not really.
25. do you sing in the shower? not usually
26. curse a lot: i try to cut back sometimes
27. do you swear on the wholy bible and on your future baby to stay active? no. i'm quite lazy, but i try

28. pick a theme we could use for our community:hmmm. pro meat? dunno....
29. journal and/or community you promoted us in (show proof): www.livejournal/users/bowlocereal113
30. what should we add to this application: nothing really. it's quite random
31. on a scale from one to ten, what would you be? 7
32. 3 or more clear pictures, 1 eating meat, and one full body pic (try your best): sorry, i' min school. i'll try again later.


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