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"My friend Larry says to me, 'You should be a vegetarian like me, you'll be a lot healthier and live longer,'" Harland Williams once recalled. "So I pick up the steak, I flap it at him, and say, 'This cow used to be vegetarian, and he's not looking that healthy to me. So you just watch your mouth, salad bar-breath, because when all the cows are gone we're coming hunting after you, lettuce eater.'"
- Harland Williams.

Oh, and apparently, today is $1 slice day at Pizza Pizza. Go out and eat some pepperoni. (I think this might only be in Canada)

just wanted to point out..

i am a vegitarian, but i dont really care that y'all dont like me. i just wanted to point out that your title is "the silence in black and white" which is by hawthorne heights, right?
well hawthorne heights is a major vegan band. they are really big with PETA2 and everything.

just thought i'd let you know.


For anyone who was ever raised by a Catholic family (I was at somepoint), you might know that during Lent... during some length of time, like 40 days or so, before the anniversary of when they put that Jebus guy on a stick in the ground, you are instructed not to eat meat on Fridays. Despite the fact that this tradition may have only started to increase the fish market, I found this period a perfect time to celebrate two of my beliefs. Fridays were now double meat Fridays. Wake up with a nice slice of fried ham and an egg. Lunch was a nice stop in at the good Ol' McDonald's for a $1.00 double cheeseburger and a $1.00 McChicken... amazing eh? I'd then finish out my day with a nice healthy pork chop to round out the "meating." This was my celebration of both anti-religion and anti-veganism! Anyone else find this to be a good time to practice?
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1. Name) Ryan
2. Age ) 21
3. Loc ) State College PA, soon to be West Chester, PA
4. Height) 5' 11"
5. Bands ) Juliana Theory, Get Up Kids, Wester, A Thorn for every heart, Atreyu, From Autumn to Ashes, Funeral Diner, Codeseven
6. Movies) Office Space, Dodgeball, Verses, Evil Dead 3: Army of Darkness, Mean Girls
7. Most Embarrassing CD I own ) The Urge - The Gift of Flavour
8. Most Embarrassing moment )
9. Favorite meat ) Chicken, dear god, chicken mmm
10.Afraid of ) Ultra-liberals running the country (I'm centrist)
11.Not Afraid of ) Bugs, Weaponry, Women ( The last one took the longest time to get over )
12.High Fives ) Ear shattering high fives come from my hands

14. Plastic
15. Strawberry
16. Lip (already have one :) )
17. As I Lay Dying, Norma Jean makes crowds pray
18. White
19. You
20. If it's more than nothing than I can never dismiss it as full

Yes or No
21. War: yes
22. Green on St. Patrick's Day: Only if it waves bar cover
23. Bi-sexual: Not so much
24. Mods hottness: I'd be all up ons
25. Shower Singing: No, my voice even hurts my own ears
26. Curse a lot: No, save them and they're more worth it when they drop
27. Swear: I don't believe in the bible, and don't want kids ... but I do swear :)

28. American Farms: Putting ground rabbit in your wheat since 1955
29. Soon to post it in my lj :)
30. Add nothing, seems good so far
31. A 6 or so, just slightly above mediocre

Sorry I had the full intention of taking a pic of myself eating these wicked fat hamburgers that I made tonight, but I was so hungry that I ate them... I could go take a pic of the blood wrappers in the garbage, but that seems kinda gross. I have a friend that is a vegan and we spent many a night at Denny's. I make sure to order a Meat Lover's Skillet and proceed to remark about how many things died going into my meal. I'm almost completely carnivorous, the exception of bread stopping that. Anyways, I'm pretty new to LJ and I'd like to join a community that makes a difference out there... and pissing off PETA supporters is just the community to do it :) Meat is murder, I do agree, but then again I'd probably eat a human if it was cooked properly. ;-) ... Take that PETA ... Btw it's pretty hard to believe that murder is offensive if you don't live by the instilled morality of a religion. Sorry I have much pent up resentment for PETA after one of their retards keyed my car simply because I worked at a Burger King :) Anyways, I hope you guys/girls don't mind having me around.

sweet damn

this is the greatist thing i have ever seen for years i have droned on about how i hate vegans and veg-heads i never new thare was a group (yes) has any one elese wounderd how great it wood be to eat a manatee .. well any who feel free to post in my journal you all are rad!!!
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