120782 (120782) wrote in ___amazinglyemo,

+Name: Josh
+DOB: 12/07/1982
+Location: Buffalo, NY
+Favorite bands: The Postal Service, Yo La Tengo, Sunday's Best, Death Cab, Belle and Sebastion for emo/indieish top 5.
+What's currently in your CD player: Honestly, I've been riddled with angst, so naturally Shai Hulud.
+Song of the Moment: Death Cab - Brother's in a Hotel Bed
+Why do you like emo: I like most music, but emo has won a decisive victory over the lot due to its acousticly natural feel. I do not mean it is innately on an acoustic guitar. It comes easy, because it lacks the filtration of pop sound, label concerns, genre distillations, and things of that nature. To me, it is a base with the foundation of emotion.
+How did you find this community: Random selection, followed by a scroll down of pictures of cute girls and interesting posts.
+Anything else: Eh. No. Sorry.

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