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Anyone still here? Thought I'd made a contribution and also request to be listed as an affiliate. I actually listed this community as an affiliate a while back but wasn't listed in return.... can't remember if I forgot to actually ask or not. :) Anyhow, here's the banner:
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We have a monthly LJ gift certificate prize for the member who earns the most points through the month with contributions and contests and stuff and I try to post tutorials regularly so graphic makers can learn more.

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Nicole: Rainbow


Hey. Just wanted to say that I won't be posting most graphics of mine here anymore. I have aa journal for that (in my user info if interested). Ill setill mod and help with the community, but no one has been participating - no one entered partys first contest listed a while back and that is really disappointing.

Maybe things will change - who knows ..thats up to you all.

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hi, i'm new!
i have an MKA Layout to share.. whoo hoo!

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If you want, you can request one. Same format and everything as this one, but i'll do different colors and header pics and whatever else you want if you let me know! but with school and all I will probably not get to doing it til next weekend, but I promise I'll do them then! HOORAY!
Asher and Emi - engagement photo

Guild Wars Graphics

I play an online game called Guild Wars, so I've been making a ton of friends only banners and icons.

This is also a way to show my work. I do take requests.

If anyone plays the game and wants to use one, then go ahead. Just remember to comment and credit.


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