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I'm a dick, Ted.
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1a. No teenies. Ever. We will come to your house and we will cut you if you are a teenie.
1b. If you say you want _____'s babies or _____ is hot.. run.
2. No bashing of any members or Simple Plan. Again, the cutting threat applies.
3. No netspeak or tYpiNg Lyk Dis. We'll cut you. Do you see where this is going?
4a. Keep all posts Simple Plan related. If you don't, we won't cut you, just delete the post. Maybe if you're a repeat offender we'll come after you.
4b. If you don't post, we'll remove you. No cutting involved here.
4c. All entries are moderated which is why they don't show up right away. Don't worry though - we're both online often, so it wont take long before we have accepted (or rejected, in the worst case) your entry.
5. You are allowed to post graphics and pictures (as long as it's SP related, obviously), but if you choose to do so, put everything behind a lj-cut (<*lj-cut text="title">content - remove the *'s).
6. If you'd like to promote/link to us, you can find banners here

Fill this out as soon as you have been accepted and put it under a cut. It's so that we can get to know a bit about you guys. Bold the questions = easier.

Favorte member & why:
Favorite song & why:
Have you seen SP live? If yes, when and where?
Other bands you like:

Your mods, Nicole [kunamashiro] & Louise [hep_hey]

Pierre's camo pants are love and greatly missed
As to the above: You know you love them. The pants. So, why not help spread the love for them? Put the banner in your journal and link it back to Louise's journal (hep_hey). If you have a personal domain and would like to host a fanlisting for the pants - contact her. That'd be the shiznit. Meanwhile just...spread the love. (Save banner to you own server though)