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Okay, so Nicole and I decided to make some things for you guys to do. It can be filling out a simple poll or questionnaire, or posting pictures of something...Simple Plan related, obviously.

So to start this, I'm posting this poll - mostly because it's a question I usually ask people anyway.

Poll #514347 Which David do you prefer?

old!David or emo!David?


And I should probably point out that I mean style-wise, not personality-wise seeing as that hasn't changed, really.

And remember to comment with a reason as well.

And I'd also like to say that you guys can post here as well - don't hold back, haha. Seriously though, post away - as long as it's Simple Plan related.
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Promote, yes?

I noticed how some of you have loads of promo banners in your userinfo/s - that's hot. Anyway, we'd appreciate it if you'd promote for us as well. The banners are behind the cut, and so far there are only 2, but I'll make more soon...

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Don't hotlink, plzthnx!

Also, I think I can speak for Nicole as well when I say thanks for joining. You are the bomb diggity.
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