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___addnow's Journal

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lets all be cool and add each other
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heyheyhey, welcome to ___addnow. this is a community solely made for the purpose of making new friends and adding people! oh baby.


1. don't promote your fucking communities in here, go to a promotion community for that shit.

2. don't bother joining if you're just here to make your friends list bigger. people want friends who want to get to know them, will comment, read their journals, and update.

3. If you're posting a big post please use an LJ CUT.

4. Don't post more than once per day, people have more than likely seen you and if they haven't added you yet you're probably not very interesting.

5. Be nice to other members. ;]


your sexass mods; feel free to add us.

ohhh____lovely ASHLEY

caraccidentlove MEG

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