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Hi! My names Christina, I'm 26 years old, originally from Long Island New York living in San Diego California. I'm recently getting back into journaling and am looking for new friends with an unbiased opinion. I talk a lot about relationships and their impact on my life, as that seems to be my biggest dilemma right now.

I like Drake, The Weeknd, Lana Del Rey, and Khloe Kardashian. I enjoy fashion, shopping, coffee, and makeup. I'm a Disney enthusiast and love anything nautical; anchors are my spirit symbol.


If interested, comment on my friends only post.

Friending Frenzy

HI There,
We had a very long hiatus from livejournal and we are now back. This journal belongs to a subconscious group of soulbonds, spirits and etc. I mostly use my journal to talk about our experiences and to know, like minded people as well. We are very understanding and open-minded but we do not tolerate drama. Eventually we hope to start talking about our astral travels, readings and things like that again. As the physical host I've been very busy and was ill and hospitalized during the Summer but I'm slowly getting back into things.

Aside from spiritual issues and other worlds you will also find in my journal…

I love to talk about movies, books, creative writing and fashion. I like all kinds of music and I'm a really big theater buff. I love Elizabeth das Musical, the Phantom of the Opera and so forth. My current favorite t.v shows and I love t.v , that are still on air are-Sleepy Hollow, the Black List and Law and Order SVU. I love horror movies, especially the classic ones. Can't stand most modern vampires. Blah. I also enjoy writing book reviews over at goodreads .
This journal was just started yesterday, so there isn't too much up yet but will be using it frequently. Though we do stay a lot more busy now. Please check out our interests and profile, to check us out. I do have some darker and protective, if not possessive bonds at times. But we understand things a lot better now though. Thank you for considering adding us!
-Kristina/Dark Gotham
JOIN, join, join!

hi there!

justme full size
Hi there!
thats me again :)
I was posting in this community couple of month ago.
what do I write about?
about everything from poetry to history or even economics to film to Eurovision song contest.
Among the events that I regularly cover (for newspapper) is Eurovision song contest.
hmmm... what else? I spend lots of time in DK (kingdom of Denmark) sometimes,
n' sometimes it is more on the other side of the bridge in Sweden.
Also it is a fun fact that some of my articles get included in the summaries
Sort of "juice box" of the life in livejournal :)
Despite the fact that most of them are in Russian, it might still be funny to watch even if you are non-Russians speaker. perhaps the most humorus are towards the end. so it might be better to start there.
Oh... yes, I guess I should mention that too:
so, ofcourse I speak Swedish, n I can make my self quite well understood in DK, but when over there, in DK I speak Norwegian. sooo... Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, Russian is 100% OK to write in. As far as czech, polish & slovak goes.. I can make my self understood n' generally I have no problem reading any of this 3 lang., but I might need help w. word or 2 per page.
But ofcourse my grammar is lousy in this 3 west slavic lang., and my spelling in polish is awfull (you kind off have to read it out loud to understand what I write :))), but as far as czech n' slovak spelling goes, it's much better. not ok, but fully understandible.
oy, sorry! forgott to say... When I'm in DK Im in Copenhagen when in Sweden than Im in Malmö.
Also travell lots of times to Germany, mostly Berlin, but sometimes Hamburg too.
Ok :)
thats all for now :)
ps. I can be a bit apsent minded at times.
pps. oh, yes, ofcourse, nearly forgot the most important: if you feel like it please feel free to add me :)

LJ friends?

Well, I used to use LJ all of the time about...well, I haven't read the
entries but probably last year or so. I stopped posting probably because
of laziness or that I really didn't think anything amazing was really
going on in my life...(Wow, did I just seriously use really twice in the
one sentence?)
Anyway, I want to start to post again because my memory sucks. (While my boyfriend would completely disagree.)
I am planning on updating at least once a week!
About me:
I live in NYC with my boyfriend of 3+ years.
Uhhh, other stuff.
I was never good at this type of thing.
If you want someone new on your friends list who will read and comment on your stuff, comment then add me thanks!


Hey every one the name is Starfier. 
I am 22 years old I was born in October.
I listen to a lot of music. I like pretty much any thing and as of now I listen to a lot of rock.
Fav bands include: System Of a Down, Slipknot, Manson, Job For a Cowboy, Effiel 65, Daftpunk, Coldplay, and Soundtrack for Queen Of a Damned.
I am into some shows on tv such as Crimnal Minds, Supernatural, CSI, and most all Adult Swim shows.
I love to watch anime, Fave anime is Inuyasha, Fruits Baskets, Deathnote, Bleach, Durara, Sailormoon and lots more.
I dont really have any hobbies any more since I graduated high school. I ocassionaly play my clarinet.
any one who wants to add me can. 
In my journal you will find some rants. But mostly I am positive. 
and I take care of my dad so sometimes when he is in the hospital I have a hard time getting on here. I got the app from my phone but it does not seem to work. 
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Friends? I'm officially terrible at these things, so be gentle x_x

26 year old female from the UK returning to LJ after a short absense who gets very awkward when attempting to post in 'Add' communities.

I do however have a recently updated 'Bio' and 'Interests' sections, so, do check those out and add me/drop me a comment if you think I look interesting. Ideally, I'd like to meet people of a not dissimilar age group who share some of my interests, but for the most part am very open minded.

Happy Hallowe'en, everyone!
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Hey there! So here's some facts about yours truly.


-I'm 23.
-I currently live in a freezer box. My fingers are so cold that they should be incapable of movement, so I'm mystifying myself and the world by being able to form typed sentences.
-I ramble. A lot.
-I'm a bit of a nerd, but a cool one. 
-I'm pretty much hilarious. 
-Currently an art student.
-Likes to make art. (or tries to)
-Loves to write and read.
-I'm bisexual.
-Likes taking and posting pictures of random stuff and things.

I'm also returning to LJ from a really long hiatus. I let my old journal go and created a new one in order to get a fresh start. I'm currently looking for friends so that I can really delve back into the whole Livejournal experience. =) 

You should add me if you:
-Like reading a lot.
-Share some like interests.
-Like viewing random doodles and drawings or have some sort of art appreciation.
-Like nerdy things.
-Don't mind swearing or ranting.
-Enjoy good conversation.
-Are an active LJ user.
-Are not sensitive about things they read. I don't aim to offend, but my humor isn't always for everyone.
-Enjoy looking at photos.
-Not homophobic.
-Are not bothered by viewing artistic nudes.
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add me if you:

- are active on LJ
- love to give and receive well thought out comments
- are in your 20's or 30's
- write in english
- like to read about health, growth, introspection and personal development
- like to look at selfies and pictures of cats
- like reading long posts
- love cats
- are in the health industry
- understand or can empathise with anxiety

and a little about me:

i'm gauri (rhymes with dowry). i'm a 28-year-old naturopathy student and writer living in melbourne, australia. i am highly introspective and in a period of growth and change in my life. i strive to grow from all my experiences and i love to construct my life according to what feels right to me.

i'm into: writing, reading, health, mental health, nutrition, exercise, cats, interior design, being silly, random acts of kindness, byron katie's 'the work', personal development, snail mail, stationery, personal style.

what i post:
- vanity (and other) pictures
- noteworthy happenings, with an emphasis on growth and introspection
- outfits (sometimes)

i love to learn from watching how others do life, so add me!