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Name:Holly Age:14 Location:England, UK Yeah, so I'm Holly. I'm pretty much addicted to livejournal. I love my music, eg. placebo, afi, panic at the disco, interpol, jack's mannequin, jack johnson, holly palmer, goo goo dolls, the feeling, orson, meck, sunblock, lostprophets, mariah carey, madonna, the kooks, nine inch nails, oasis, phil collins, rent, aerosmith, bon jovi, paolo nutini, pink, plain white t's, the postal service, rem, sugarcult, rilo kiley, red hot chili peppers, relient k, the rasmus, rogue traders, savage garden, shakira, simple plan, snow patrol, tim mcgraw, the zutonsect I love to travel and stuff. I love going on holidays. I love taking photographs of random stuff. I love bright colours. I love happiness. I love fashion. I love heights. I love Keira knightley My journal is friends only. I comment all entrys and hope you do the same. My journal is practically good stuff. Never usually ranting or whatever. You know what to do comment on my friends only entry and add me :) See ya there!

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My name is Kristin Nicole Cicchetti.
I say words like nigger and faggot.
I'm glad if that offends you.

Comment and let me know you added
me, or leave me hate comments.
I like those too.

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Kristin Nicole Cicchetti
Suburbia MI [313]


I'm more punk, hardcore, mod, straightedge, emo, indie than you. My hair is cooler, my pants are tighter, I have more tattoos and piercings. I have cooler pins on your messenger bag and my favorite band is more obscure than yours. I have more myspace friends.My glasses are thicker and blacker than yours, the plugs in my ears are bigger, and I know more people in bands.Because, as we all know, that's what really matters.In a scene where the music has taken a backseat to the haircuts, I win and you lose.

What you will find in my journal:
Band Promotions.
Brutal honesty.
Communtiy Promotions
Converstations you wont understand.
One word entries.
Pictures of me [sometimes]
Pictures of boys [often]
Pictures of friends [often]
The occasional gush that will make you think.
The occasional quiz
Things even I dont understand.
Upcomming local shows.

When asking my LJ friends why they read my bullshit they replied:

"Because your journal isnt boring, most people spill minute by minute and I want to punch them in the face."

"Because it isnt bullshit, its funny, and I love you"


"because it's actually interesting"

"bullshit fetish"

"reading other peoples bullshit is better than dealing with mine."

"It makes me laugh"

"because it's filled with things I want to do or say, and dont"

"I like pictures"

"what bullshit?"

"it's fun, it's not like well, first I did this then this"

"Because you never type more than a paragraph."

"you always know about upcomming shows."

"Just because I want to fuck you."


"Don't bother looking down on me, because I won't look up to you."

Things I will not read:
A journal with constant quizes.
A journal with play by plays of your day.
A journal that only gushes out paragraphs upon paragraphs of things I dont care about.
A journal that is filled with ugly people.
A journal that shows nothing but your fowl parts.

Don't be ugly.
Add me first.
Comment on my friends only banner.
Follow the rules listed on there.