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All My LJ Friends Are Dead [07 Oct 2017|09:41pm]

Hey Addme_Adult!

I'm not new to LJ but I've come back as I often do and have begun to journal again.
All of my oiriginal LJ friends have stopped activity and I miss having friends on here to comment on and bother with my input/comments.

About me.. All of that is in my Profile.. I know I am such a lazy ass but hear me out!
I journal spastically and mainly on the weekends when I get to have a drink or two and come to unload on here.
I can't really unload to my husband, his health has been poor as of the past two months and I do have friends in real life but our schedules don't always meet up and at 2AM damnit.. I need some damn internet relief!

Anyways.. the basics:

- I'm Nikki -waves-
- 31 years of age: I'm a Pisces for those who believe in that stuff.
- I'm living in Las Vegas, NV USA but from San Francisco, CA (No, I don't miss it)
I was not affected by the recent shooting.. thank god.
- I don't make political posts much but I bitch and banter about sexual things.
- Predominantly text only novel entries - I'm not one for photos sorry.
- I comment when I am online so you may get comments on last months entries. I can be fashionably late like that.

Want to be friends? Add me and yes, I will add you back.

[31 Dec 2014|06:45pm]

Right, I am posting here because new friends are always welcome.
If you decide you want to be friends (please read on first because I am not everybodys cup-of-tea) then do drop a comment here or on my Friends banner.

I am nearly 35, and I live in southwest England in a small fishing town, where I am known as the local "crazy theatre lady". I dont have a lot of family, I do have a very excellent fiance who is almost as much of a whackjob as I am (although he is not an extrovert whatsoever).
Updates on LJ happen sporadically, for the reasons that I work as a secondary school supply teacher, actress, model, burlesquer, sword dancer, etc, i also run a historical / period drama specialist theatre company, and am the producer, and a cast member on a (starting filming in the next 6 months) internet film series based verbatim on the unabridged original novel, of Les Miserables. I am also going to be away a few times as I have recently been informed that I got through on my auditions for Britains Got Talent. This somewhat crazy existance means that you may get daily updates from me, or nothing for a fortnight. When I get on LJ, I do like to comment on, and read my friends journals, as well as updating.

Obviously prancing about on stages or in front of cameras, or organising same, is a massive part - the biggest part - of my life. I also am highly interested in, and whiffle about a variety of other things.
- History
- the paranormal / past lives / otherkin / weird things
- fandoms (Hunger Games, Star Wars, Star Trek Game of Thrones, Spartacus, The Musketeers, and goodness knows what else)
- costuming
- Politics and news stories and the enviroment
- photos and picspams
- Random antics in the day, and whatever else is on my mind ... which could be anything.

I have five University degrees, up to and including a Masters. I am not what you expect of an educated female in her mid thirties, hehe.

Extremely left wing in political alignment, eleclectic pagan by religion, extrovert, usually positive and friendly in nature, intolerant of wilful ignorance, goes batshit at sexism / racism / control dramas/ "cant do" attitudes / paranoid political correctness (call a spade a spade) / nazis etc.....  I drink and swear on occaision,... yeah. And my house is a complete tip, crammed with theatre stuff.

So yep, if you want to be friends, and ideally have a mutual interests or two, thats super, do drop a message below.
And here is to a good, successful 2015 for all who read this. :D

Nordkap, Norway [30 Dec 2014|08:30pm]

matholimp в Капелла в музее на Нордкапе

Lets friend matholimp. He's got some nice pic's fr. Scandinavia!

hi there, its me again :) [29 Sep 2014|01:05am]

Hi there!
thats me again :)
I was posting in this community about a month ago.
Well? it's nice to see that there has been a new entery since than,
n' it was nice to get some new friends.
what do I write about?
about everything from poetry to history or even economics
hmmm... what else? I spend lots of time in DK (kingdom of Denmark) sometimes,
n' sometimes it is more on the other side of the bridge in Sweden.
Also it is a fun fact that some of my articles get included in the summaries
Sort of "juice box" of the life in livejournal :)
Despite the fact that most of them are in Russian, it might still be funny to watch even if you are non-Russians speaker. perhaps the most humorus are towards the end. so it might be better to start there.
Oh... yes, I guess I should mention that too:
so, ofcourse I speak Swedish, n I can make my self quite well understood in DK, but when over there, in DK I speak Norwegian. sooo... Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, Russian is 100% OK to write in. As far as czech, polish & slovak goes.. I can make my self understood n' generally I have no problem reading any of this 3 lang., but I might need help w. word or 2 per page.
But ofcourse my grammar is lousy in this 3 west slavic lang., and my spelling in polish is awfull (you kind off have to read it out loud to understand what I write :))), but as far as czech n' slovak spelling goes, it's much better. not ok, but fully understandible.
oy, sorry! forgott to say... When I'm in DK Im in Copenhagen when in Sweden than Im in Malmö.
Also travell lots of times to Germany, mostly Berlin, but sometimes Hamburg too.
Ok :)
thats all for now :)
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just checking in: is this community still working? [22 Aug 2014|09:07pm]

just checking in: is this community still working?

Hi there!
see that this community had 3 posts for over a half a year now, 2 of which are done by the same person,
so I thought it would be nice to see if "there is anyone out there" so to say :)
so? so hi there!
n' yeah!
I would like to be friends :)

[16 Jun 2014|10:15pm]

I'm 35 years old with an 11 year old daughter. 3 weeks ago I got out of a dangerous and unhealthy relationship (of course it didn't start that way.. they never do) and now I'm focusing on getting my life back together.
I'm bi-polar II rapid cycler, deal with anxiety and OCD.

As a child we moved around a lot and I have never really got the people skills needed to interact with people. So here I am looking online.

I'm currently living in Saint Catharines On, been here for 10 years after moving from BC and escaping my mother.

I love to read and the one show that I CAN NOT miss is supernatural. I'm huge into music and have it on as often as I can.
I like writing poetry though there hasn't been anyone that has looked at them. They are private and hard to share because they are raw emotions and I'm scared what others will think.

If you think we could make a match let me know. If it doesn't work out it's all good :D


[26 Dec 2013|12:51am]


I am a long term Livejournaller - as you can see I have been around since 2003!
Anyway, I am always looking for interesting people to chat to on LJ!

I am 33, engaged to Steve, I have a total of 5 undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in theatre, film&TV production, and teaching. I work part time as an in-house supply teacher of drama at a local "posh" secondary school where I have worked for the past 4 years, I also work as an actress and "real person" (not a wafer) model, run my own theatre company, and generally zoom round with a chaotic but great life.
I live in a small fishing town on the Southwest coast of England.

I am not exactly what you expect of a 30-something English female, I am an utter tomboy, even my nonconconformist friends find me whacky, I am an extrovert, and an unashamed "luvvie".

I love all kinds of stuff: history (accepted and speculative), science (accepted and specualtive), performing arts (obviously), period and gothic clothing, nature, photography, music of a wide variety of genres (except modern pop/ rap - eeek!), the paranormal, past lives, politics (I am more than a slight leftie, hehe), comparative religions, scifi, fantasy, otherkin, medieval stuff, films (period/ historical/ scifi/ dystopian / fantasy), I dont watch much TV but I love Game of Thrones and Spartacus, organic gardening when I have the time, survival skills, costuming, being silly, going out with my mad friends on mad costumed escapades (one of our recent oens was to go and see The Hunger Games: Catching Fire in costume, and before the film we turned the beach into a Hunger Games arena and those of us costumed as "Tributes"- yes including me- had a battle to the bitter end), classical and historical literature, antique books, swimming in the sea, dreams, high elves, LARP, living history, martial arts, combat-based stunting (which I do for theatre and film).

Fandoms: Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games, Spartacus, Tolkien, Robyn Young, Les Miserables...

Things that irritate me beyond words: slavishly-blind conformity, commercialism, "cant do" attitudes, racism, people picking internet arguments about nothing, facism, cities, enclosed spaces, plastic bag rustling noises, people who think it is clever to put others down, our government, effort-avoidance, being told that because I like costuming I should like hentai, dishonest people, and willful ignorance.

Livejournal habits
I am around a lot, but of late it has been sporadic - sometimes I post three times in a day (especially if catching up) and other times nothing for a week. This is because of the rather mad nature of my theatrical career. Earlier this year I wrote and directed a theatre show which went utterly huge, landed out-of-the-blue offer sponsorship from London for a second run, with West End noises and a film in the offing. I was off LJ for two-three weeks with that, I did explain why I would be away from LJ for a few weeks upfront, but that caused a lot of people to defriend me.
Please be aware I do have a busy life and I have not abandoned LJ in literally 10 years, but there may be times with a busy theatre and modelling year ahead, and the film starting based on my theatre show, that I may not be around for a week or two. I WILL be back! I respect that other people have lives outside of their computers, and ask for the same respect.
I read the friends list whenever on LJ, and leave comments, whenever I have anything to say, whether that comment be a saga, or a short sentence.

Friends I am looking for
I really cant care less about your age, gender, religion, nationality, sexuality or anything like that.
What I do care about is that you are a sincere friendly person.

If that is cool, send me a message, or comment here,

New to Live Journal! Seeking Friends! [18 Dec 2013|02:25am]


I am looking to start up my livejournal and add friends that I can talk with about things that otherwise I have no one to talk to about. My interests include: Gaming, Writing, Role-Playing & Much, much more! Some of my favorite specific items include: Star Wars, Star Trek, Pokemon, Pirates & Harry Potter. (Although I am not a fan of Twilght, I have nothing against anyone that does.)

I am also seeking friends for advice about married life and family issues.

Please add me (Comment below or on any post of mine) and I will add you back!

~Thanks :D

[15 Dec 2013|12:40pm]

Kristin. Girly. Plain and Simple. Optimistic. Random. Camera whore. Arizona. & I have a potty mouth.
i totally love;; Friends♥, animals, music, casinos, hugs, unicorns, easymac, disney movies, coloring books, full house, dinos, pirates, pokemon, stars, starbucks, my little pony, my cellphone, reading, playgrounds, lights, photography, my kitty, blue october, the beach, finding nemo, kisses, bingo, cleaning, numbers, spicy food, sushi, & just being awesome.

right now my life is pretty uneventful. I've been feeling like I should have done a lot more and accomplished a lot more than I have by now so I'm trying to figure out what changes I need and want to make. I've also pretty much outgrown the party scene and would much rather have a nice mellow night with a few friends. I don't post every single thing that goes on in my life, I usually only write about twice a week. I'm also not the type to comment on every post you make, but I will if I have something to say. I will also randomly comment just to say hi if I like you enough :)

Add me if you think we'd get along!

[20 Sep 2013|11:56am]

I've been on LJ for 10 years (just passed my anniversary) and I had neglected it sadly for a few years but I'm getting back in to writing more and I would dearly love a more active friends list, as 80% of my friends have stopped posting altogether. I have a pretty strange and circuitous life path and I'd love to be more connected with people who write because it helps inspire me to write also. I write about: gender, polyamory, intimacy, sexuality, honesty and openness, feminism and social justice, nature, spirituality, art, dreams, relationships, and my experiences. If you write similarly, let's be friends! (p.s. I'm 30, no spouse or kids and no inclination for either for at least 5 years)

[15 Sep 2013|09:10am]


The name's Jess. I'm 22 and I'm really bad at describing myself. I haven't gone to college yet and I recently just made the decision that going for culinary arts wasn't something I'm really interested in going for and that maybe working with animals is what I really want to do. I'll watch/read anything on mob life, serial killers and history.

I have an amazing boyfriend, Jamie, of almost 2 years,(and counting!) I honestly cannot imagine my life without him now. He supports me through everything and has a very high tolerance for the amount of crazy I can produce. I tell him I love him all the time because I'm a firm believer in telling the people that I love and truly care about, that I love them every chance I get because you never know what can happen.

I'm a proud momma to two furbabies. One is actually my beautiful kitty cat, Zuzu who is, what I like to call, a 7 year old light haired calico. The second one is actually my boyfriend's dog, Manson, who 5 year old Rottweiler.

I watch an array of TV shows.Sons of Anarchy. Breaking Bad. Greys Anatomy. Faceoff. Ridiculousness. Under The Dome. Wilfred. The Walking Dead. Hell on Wheels.Through The Wormhole with Morgan Freeman. I tend to watch the Nat Geo Wild channel quite often.

I watch a bunch of movies also. Goodfellas. The Godfather trilogy. Killing Them Softly. Horrible Bosses. Django. The Amazing Spiderman. Immortals. The Breakfast Club. Ferris Bueller's Day Off. The Lion King. The Little Mermaid. Beauty and The Beast. Pocahontas. The Fox and The Hound. Four Brothers. killer Elite. Ted. Contraband. Expendables 1&2. Thor. Iron Man 1, 2, &3. Captain America. The Avengers. Super Troopers. Titanic.

I try to read as much as possible. Sometimes I don't read for days and sometimes all I want to do is read. I don't really read a certain genre. I just read whatever peeks my interest. I do a lot of browsing through the free book and the daily deals list on Amazon.

I listen to music for much of my day. It's really not an exaggeration either. We have the radio on at work all day so it's on in the background and we all end up singing some of the songs just to have fun and keep ourselves a little sane. Outside of listening to the radio playlist at work, I've been listing to Macklemore (i had the pandora station playing all summer) and Imagine Dragons for the past couple of months. But I also enjoy Avenged Sevenfold. Backstreet Boys. Tim McGraw. Eminem. Green Day. Social Distortion. Less Than Jake. I just listen to whatever I like, really.

meCollapse )


[09 Feb 2013|11:08pm]

Some people would call me a troubled person. I am thirty years-old but i don't really act my age at all. I am still very childish , and have outbursts a lot. I tend to misunderstand what people are saying a a lot too. I am looking for new friends and support group. Most of my friends from the past few years, just are not on-line that much anymore. A lot of things could be said about me but I am not a horrible person. Yes, I have made plenty of mistakes in the past but I am trying got do my best and move on. I do enjoy writing, but I am for the most part stuck on things. I am very talkative if I grow attach to you and we share a common bond. I am looking for life long friends and hope to get to know some of you soon.

Hello soon to be friends! [25 Nov 2012|10:23am]

My name is Brittany, I am 23 yrs old and I am a returning Lj user. It's been a couple years since I've last been on, but it seems not much has changed. I am looking for new friends to talk to, give/receive advice, and discuss random topics with.

I have two wonderful kids and I'm engaged to be married next august sometime. I have two younger siblings and my Mother who I love dearly. I must be honest I have a lot of Daddy issues, but none that resort to exotic dancing, prostitution or just plain "whore-like" behavior.

Likes: Blogging, Movies, Music, Knitting, Photography, Sitting in Candlelight, Reading, Sleeping, Tim Horton's..etc.

Dislikes: Clowns, Spiders, Ignorance, Twilight Saga, There is plenty more I could name off, but this is not the time nor place.

Movies: Cry Baby, A Walk To Remember, All Elvis Movies, 27 Dresses, Bridesmaids, Arthur, Anything Disney, Thor, The Avengers, Captain America, Se7en, The Unborn, The Unwanted. I have no specific genre.

Music: Anything made before 2008. In my opinion music has taken a turn for the worst.

Books: J.j Smith, The City Of Bones Collection, James Patterson, Danielle Steel, Stephen King, John Saul, Mary Higgins Clark...etc.

Television: The Big Bang Theory, The Mentalist, True Blood, Two & a Half men (before Kutcher ruined it), House M.D, Secret Circle (before CHCH Cancelled it :(  ) Pretty Little Liars (I have fallen behind, so please no spoilers)

Things I Post About: Parenting, Day to day life, Rants, Opinions, Wedding planning Issues.. just name a few.

If you believe we have something in common, or if you would like to get to know me, all you have to do is add me!!!
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Hi [15 Nov 2012|08:25pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Hi my name is Ashley and I'm looking for NEW friends please add me!!

Age: 24
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Gender: Female
Interest: Reading & Writing

Looking for FRIENDS ONLY

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[15 Nov 2012|01:46am]

from Badulla sri lanka.
Who both love and
hate where he from.

I post as often as i can.
And my posts are
about my day to day
life, random stuff, pics,
everything about me

Grammer is my first
enemy in english. But
that does'nt mean i'll
type "lyk dis" i'm trying
my best.

mini user. limp bizkit,
linkin park, green day
(all kind of music)
listener.Denim and t
shirt wearer. Late night
Sleeper. lady gaga,J.B
hatred. occasionally
Smoker, drinker.String
hoppers, hoppers,
kottu eater. UNP
follower. lakbima, e-
online reader.

#Here's some stuff
about me
*23 (male)
*youngest child
*i think too much
(mostly at night)
*i'm 59kg. And 5'9''
*i'm geek, silly, funny,
friendly, strange,
*Night owl

#here are some of the
things that i like and

*you tube
*meeting new people
*T shirts
*sticking Magazine
head lines, sub titles,
icon,UFC pics, on wall
and cupboard.
*Light Blue

If you want to know
anything else just ask
and feel free to add
with/with out asking. I
dont mind lurkers

[21 Oct 2012|03:11am]


Name: Kristina
Nicknames: Kris, Deena. Others.
Age: 30
Location: Georgia
Religion: Pagan but I am looking for a teacher as well...

Why Yes.. I Have Issues:

Severe Anxiety
Heart Conduction

When I become angry. I can become upset and childish. I really do not like to be criticized either. I am very spoiled and I have been "taken cared of" for most of my life.I am also very childish and mentally young.


Very open-minded and people who want to take the time and get to know me and vise versa. I like to ask questions and get to know people. I love to read journals and be able to talk things out. I want to make all kinds of different friends of course but these are the "types" I usually get a long with.

-People who either work in health , or some kind of medical field . Or have had personal experience with it. If you have knowledge in the human mind . Like a therapist or something like that. Bonus. It will just make things easier in the long run.

-Goths, Pagans, Wiccans, Punks, Music People , Artist People. Really I like adults who act like big kids. People who don't take life so seriously and know how to have their own kind of fun. It doesn't have to be crazy off the wall fun but what makes them happy. Sarcasm is always a plus.

Other Notes:

I enjoy daily morning/afternoon outings with my family. I like to go to the book stores a lot, I'm a big movie , t.v watcher. I am not very physically active. Don't like sports at all. I'm a big kid and a total nerd. I like a lot of old things. My journal is mostly friends only and does have filters.


*waves* [13 Aug 2012|07:01pm]

[ mood | lethargic ]

Been away from LJ for a long while and have come back to too many quiet journals & friends and long dead communities. You don't have to be a constant post or commentor but it is nice to have people around that at least share that they are alive on occasion.

In my journal you will find:

    - Ramblings
    - Crafty Stuff
    - My Cats
    - Animals in general
    - Spiritualism - or the search for
    - Issues...I suffer with depression and social anxiety
    - Wide variety of interest...check profile for details
    - Sexuality - I am an explorer with an open mind

There tends to be Adult Content in my journal on occasion so I I do prefer at least 18 but 21 is even better. :)
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cross posted everywhere [13 Aug 2012|01:47pm]

lauren. 23. pisces. deep south.

[pic & more info]

currently, i work in a casino (hosting at a restaurant). i'm engaged to the most wonderful man i've ever known. i was not terribly inactive, but not terribly active in my journal for a few months while i started work and adjusting to my new living situation, but i'm back now. i post often, comment as much as i can, and love getting to know my livejournal friends and making personal connections with them. my entries often take on a vague, prose-like feel or they are real time updates of things that have happened.

for more about my interests, view my profile.
18+ only, please.
comment to be added.

[13 May 2012|02:17pm]

from Badulla sri lanka. Who both love
and hate where he from.
#black berry.,yahoo,opera mini user.
limp bizkit, linkin park, green day (all
kind of music) listener.Denim and t shirt
wearer. Late night Sleeper. lady
gaga,J.B hatred. occasionally Smoker,
drinker.String hoppers, hoppers, kottu
eater. UNP follower. lakbima, e-online
#Here's some stuff about me
*youngest child
*i think too much (mostly at night)
*i'm 59kg. And
*i'm geek, nerd, silly, funny,
weird,independent, friendly, strange,
unique, bipolar.
*Night owl (NISACHARA)
#here are some of the things that i like
and enjoy.
*big bang theory
*two and half men
*you tube
*meeting new people
*T shirts
*sticking Magazine head lines, sub titles,
(hip-hop-rock) icon,UFC pics, on wall
and cupboard.
*Light Blue
*don't tell my mother nat geo
If you want to know anything else just
ask and feel free to add with/with out
asking. I dont mind lurkers either.

news flash: nato plane crash [20 Mar 2012|12:52am]

Оригинал у ruriktochkase в КАТАСТРОФА НАТО САМОЛЁТА

READ MORECollapse )

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