All My LJ Friends Are Dead

Hey Addme_Adult!

I'm not new to LJ but I've come back as I often do and have begun to journal again.
All of my oiriginal LJ friends have stopped activity and I miss having friends on here to comment on and bother with my input/comments.

About me.. All of that is in my Profile.. I know I am such a lazy ass but hear me out!
I journal spastically and mainly on the weekends when I get to have a drink or two and come to unload on here.
I can't really unload to my husband, his health has been poor as of the past two months and I do have friends in real life but our schedules don't always meet up and at 2AM damnit.. I need some damn internet relief!

Anyways.. the basics:

- I'm Nikki -waves-
- 31 years of age: I'm a Pisces for those who believe in that stuff.
- I'm living in Las Vegas, NV USA but from San Francisco, CA (No, I don't miss it)
I was not affected by the recent shooting.. thank god.
- I don't make political posts much but I bitch and banter about sexual things.
- Predominantly text only novel entries - I'm not one for photos sorry.
- I comment when I am online so you may get comments on last months entries. I can be fashionably late like that.

Want to be friends? Add me and yes, I will add you back.
JOIN, join, join!

hi there, its me again :)

Hi there!
thats me again :)
I was posting in this community about a month ago.
Well? it's nice to see that there has been a new entery since than,
n' it was nice to get some new friends.
what do I write about?
about everything from poetry to history or even economics
hmmm... what else? I spend lots of time in DK (kingdom of Denmark) sometimes,
n' sometimes it is more on the other side of the bridge in Sweden.
Also it is a fun fact that some of my articles get included in the summaries
Sort of "juice box" of the life in livejournal :)
Despite the fact that most of them are in Russian, it might still be funny to watch even if you are non-Russians speaker. perhaps the most humorus are towards the end. so it might be better to start there.
Oh... yes, I guess I should mention that too:
so, ofcourse I speak Swedish, n I can make my self quite well understood in DK, but when over there, in DK I speak Norwegian. sooo... Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, English, Russian is 100% OK to write in. As far as czech, polish & slovak goes.. I can make my self understood n' generally I have no problem reading any of this 3 lang., but I might need help w. word or 2 per page.
But ofcourse my grammar is lousy in this 3 west slavic lang., and my spelling in polish is awfull (you kind off have to read it out loud to understand what I write :))), but as far as czech n' slovak spelling goes, it's much better. not ok, but fully understandible.
oy, sorry! forgott to say... When I'm in DK Im in Copenhagen when in Sweden than Im in Malmö.
Also travell lots of times to Germany, mostly Berlin, but sometimes Hamburg too.
Ok :)
thats all for now :)
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I'm 35 years old with an 11 year old daughter. 3 weeks ago I got out of a dangerous and unhealthy relationship (of course it didn't start that way.. they never do) and now I'm focusing on getting my life back together.
I'm bi-polar II rapid cycler, deal with anxiety and OCD.

As a child we moved around a lot and I have never really got the people skills needed to interact with people. So here I am looking online.

I'm currently living in Saint Catharines On, been here for 10 years after moving from BC and escaping my mother.

I love to read and the one show that I CAN NOT miss is supernatural. I'm huge into music and have it on as often as I can.
I like writing poetry though there hasn't been anyone that has looked at them. They are private and hard to share because they are raw emotions and I'm scared what others will think.

If you think we could make a match let me know. If it doesn't work out it's all good :D


New to Live Journal! Seeking Friends!


I am looking to start up my livejournal and add friends that I can talk with about things that otherwise I have no one to talk to about. My interests include: Gaming, Writing, Role-Playing & Much, much more! Some of my favorite specific items include: Star Wars, Star Trek, Pokemon, Pirates & Harry Potter. (Although I am not a fan of Twilght, I have nothing against anyone that does.)

I am also seeking friends for advice about married life and family issues.

Please add me (Comment below or on any post of mine) and I will add you back!

~Thanks :D
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Kristin. Girly. Plain and Simple. Optimistic. Random. Camera whore. Arizona. & I have a potty mouth.
i totally love;; Friends♥, animals, music, casinos, hugs, unicorns, easymac, disney movies, coloring books, full house, dinos, pirates, pokemon, stars, starbucks, my little pony, my cellphone, reading, playgrounds, lights, photography, my kitty, blue october, the beach, finding nemo, kisses, bingo, cleaning, numbers, spicy food, sushi, & just being awesome.

right now my life is pretty uneventful. I've been feeling like I should have done a lot more and accomplished a lot more than I have by now so I'm trying to figure out what changes I need and want to make. I've also pretty much outgrown the party scene and would much rather have a nice mellow night with a few friends. I don't post every single thing that goes on in my life, I usually only write about twice a week. I'm also not the type to comment on every post you make, but I will if I have something to say. I will also randomly comment just to say hi if I like you enough :)

Add me if you think we'd get along!
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I've been on LJ for 10 years (just passed my anniversary) and I had neglected it sadly for a few years but I'm getting back in to writing more and I would dearly love a more active friends list, as 80% of my friends have stopped posting altogether. I have a pretty strange and circuitous life path and I'd love to be more connected with people who write because it helps inspire me to write also. I write about: gender, polyamory, intimacy, sexuality, honesty and openness, feminism and social justice, nature, spirituality, art, dreams, relationships, and my experiences. If you write similarly, let's be friends! (p.s. I'm 30, no spouse or kids and no inclination for either for at least 5 years)

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Some people would call me a troubled person. I am thirty years-old but i don't really act my age at all. I am still very childish , and have outbursts a lot. I tend to misunderstand what people are saying a a lot too. I am looking for new friends and support group. Most of my friends from the past few years, just are not on-line that much anymore. A lot of things could be said about me but I am not a horrible person. Yes, I have made plenty of mistakes in the past but I am trying got do my best and move on. I do enjoy writing, but I am for the most part stuck on things. I am very talkative if I grow attach to you and we share a common bond. I am looking for life long friends and hope to get to know some of you soon.