I'd prefer to be remembered as a smiling face...

..not this fucking wreck thats taken its place

*ITS JUST AN ACT* (ive been eating for you)
i <3 L.A.
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this is for you. the ones who have realized there is nowhere they really belong. the ones that think more than they speak. the ones that are terrified of the future. I hate the word "pro-ed", so i wont use it. I do have an eating disorder and you should too if you want to join this community. Not that I am saying someone should have an eating disorder...eating disorders are bad, you can die, blah blah blah. But to be quite honest, you would simply have no idea whats going on.

--don't join if you are looking to lose weight and want some advice from "those girls/guys that starve themselves". don't waste my time.
--there is no age limit yet there is definitely a maturity level that will be required just to maintain the general intelligence of the rest of the community.
--upon acceptance, I will not ask you to reveal your weight to the rest of the community. everyone lies anyway. instead, I ask you to fill out the form below (way below, like after everything else im about to say).
--if you have never listened to bright eyes and your favorite "artist" is lindsey lohan, seriously consider finding another community.
--art is an important part of life and it is something everyone should appreciate.
--make all entries friends only there is no reason to set us up to be a subject of interest to "normal" people who see eating disorders as a joke.
--try to use the LJ cut effectively. no one likes a friends page hog.
--Ultimately, respect other members and have fun. Be honest and be friendly. or else i will have to be a bitch and kick your ass out of the community.

-years of ED-
-favorite music-
-favorite book-
-favorite color-
-random fact-
-pictures(if any)-