Application Name: Cassie Steele Age: 15..soon to be 16 Location: Ontario, Canada Relationship Status: Single. Favorites Movie: 5th element and tomb raider Music Artists: White Stripes and Depeche Mode TV Shows: That 70's Show, Family Guy, and Malcom in the Middle. Song: 'I will survive' Donna Summer Food: Ice caps ::candy:: Color: yellow Sports: swimming, tae kwon doe, horse back riding Tell us something unusual and random about yourself: I was in a couple commercials and disney movies, and i star in degrassi: tng right now as Manny Santos. Why should you be accepted? I just want to be in a community..I know pathetic. Promote us yo 2 places and give links:Don't have time right now..sorry. Do you promise to keep promoting us like crazy? I'll try..:-/ Pictures:Please give us at least must be a clear picture of your face: do you paste pictures?