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Movement of God [ [Feb 24th] ]

[ mood | excited ]

This morning was awesome church, I remember the day the lord changed me. We have got to get excited about telling people about God. It is just amazing how every time something jumps up trying to get in our way the Lord has a way turning it around and making something good out of it.


Judgment [ [Feb 23rd] ]

[ mood | determined ]

1 Peter 4:17 For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?
This I think is worth looking at in this present generaltion


Moving [ [Feb 22nd] ]

[ mood | pensive ]

Moving or should I say the pros and cons of moving, we spent most of the day packing that would be me myself and I. The part of this that I really detest is of course the packing but that leads to daily or maybe more than daily trips to the dumpster (my niece calls it the 6 month rule, if you haven’t used it or looked at it in the last six months chunk it) therefore the trips to the dumpster.
The really great thing is I won’t be living by myself any longer and I will be half the distance from my Church. Let me say that again (Half the distance from my Church) and that is a great thing so much that I want to be a part of in the ministry of the local church.
As Always God Bless you each in JESUS NAME
Bro A.

Mid Week [ [Feb 21st] ]

[ mood | grateful ]

Last night was a great time in the Lord, Pastor preached about our time when we are carrying a burden that has got us down in a spiritual hole or at least sometimes we feel like we are in a dry spot. The thing that a lot of us do or should I say don’t do is we forget where cometh our help. The very time when we should be drawn closer to the one true and living God is when we seem to be determined to do or fix things for ourselves. Which in fact this is the time when we should be drawn closer to “He which has called us” more time in the prayer room more time in study and in general just more time in his presence. But no we have to try all our own methods first.
This is the time when he is at his best for this is when he carries us; an unknown author wrote a poem ‘footprints in the sand’ it says volumes about the times when we couldn’t carry ourselves.
As always I wish blessings upon you in Jesus Name.
Bro A.


sunshine [ [Feb 20th] ]

[ mood | amused ]

Today started out looking rather gloomy but now the sun is peaking through the clouds every so often. This just let me know that the God of heaven is still thinking about the lost souls that live in my hometown. It also lets me know the we Christians being the light of the world, instead of hiding our light, we should hold forth our light before men that they might see the life a child of the one and true living God lives in this present world. Now I think as Christians our every waking thought should be focused on the harvest that the word (the Bible) tells us is coming in these latter days. And may we be involved in this harvest of souls for the glory of God, I just think we should do all we can when it comes to working for the Kingdom of God.
Bro A

[ [Oct 3rd] ]

Did anyone go to General Conference in Columbus?

I did, and it was a great time!

[ [Mar 3rd] ]

[ mood | good ]

Hey guys, i am an 18 yr. old girl from MN and i was just wondering if there were any quizzers on here? I have looked and looked but cannot find any...so, i was just wondering if any of u knew any on here, or if any of u are quizzers or whatever...thanx-a-million!!!!


prayer request [ [Feb 8th] ]

My exhusband's grandmother is in the hospital. I dunno what for. We're really close, so this distresses me...please pray for her. Thanks

x-posted everywhere

Halloween [ [Oct 21st] ]

Hello fellow Pentecostals,
I have a question for y'all.
As a kid growing up, were you not allowed to celebrate Halloween? We always had the alternative "Hallelujah Harvests" at church.
Do you think Halloween is evil?
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Hello everyone! [ [Oct 20th] ]

I'm a 19 year old single Pentecostal mother. I attend church at Kingshighway Worship Center in Terre Haute Indiana.

And, I'm also in college. I'm writting a research paper on "Speaking in Tongues" but I'm having some difficulty. I'm trying to find some scientific research that has been done on Pentecostals and speaking in tongues. I've heard about them but I need a hard copy to verify from. If you know of anything or can find anything PLEASE let me know. I have a few weeks to get everything together.

Thanks for your help!

God bless you all!!!
14 - †††

Looking for blogging buddies [ [Sep 10th] ]

I am looking for journals or blogs of Brothers and Sisters to read. I don't really use my livejournal, and keep up with my friends blogs using bloglines. So it would need to be a public livejournal or an offsite blog. I've also started a webring for those who are interested in making more UPC friends :)
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[ [Aug 16th] ]

Youth Congress was awesome!

Do the Dew, yall! =)
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Congress [ [Jul 23rd] ]

[ mood | happy ]

Hey room - I know we've talked about this before, but who is going to Youth Congress in August?

4 - †††

HEY [ [Jul 23rd] ]

If you are on EC, LINK ME!!!

Alexis May

Intro [ [Jun 5th] ]

I am a 21 year old college student and work as a cashier in a grocery store. I live in Alexandria, LA and attend the most awesome church in the world, the POA, where Bro. Anthony Mangun is the pastor. I am involved in the deaf ministry in the Wednesday night youth service and the Sunday morning urban youth service at my church.
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Intro [ [May 28th] ]

[ mood | artistic ]

Hey everyone. I decided to start joining some communities and this one caught my eye. I am an 18 year old worship leader in Connecticut. What can I say worship is my life in every single way. I am in the process of making my debut album, the only thing slowing me down is $$$$. If youd like to follow that with prayer support please check out my journal. I try to update as much as possible and alot of exciting things have happened recently.

So its good to be a member here. And thats my intro. :)


Intro [ [May 24th] ]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hi everyone.

I was just thinking yesterday that I should start a group like this and went exploring...and found you :) I am a 27 year old female programmer. I live in North Prairie, WI and am a member of Bro. Richard Kielley's church in Oconomowoc (http://www.alc1.org). I look forward to getting to know all of you!


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[ [Apr 29th] ]
Just thought I'd share this. My mum recently sent it to me. Ya'll might have a connection here...

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[ [Apr 21st] ]

did anyone go to ibc music fest?? I DID. it was a blast!!!!
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[ [Apr 18th] ]

Hey room! Just wanted to drop a hello. It is conference time and I'm so excited! District Conference here in NY is this week, and Youth Convention is next week. Times of Refreshing and fellowship!!
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