Nathan M. Holden (nm_holden) wrote in ____uglyemokids,
Nathan M. Holden

Fuck Riding Bulls, I Want To Ride A Dick.

name. Nathan Holden
age. 15
location. Redford, MI

at least 10 bands you like. Relient K, Mango Pirates, Part Time Hero, Queen, ElleGarden, Hey Mercedes, Coheed and Cambria, the Blood Brothers, Jimmy Eat World, White Stripes, The Spill Canvas
at least 5 movies you like. Breakfast at Tiffany's, Kung-Fu Hustle, Gohatto, Angel Eyes, Pi
at least 5 books you like (give authors). The collected works of H.P Lovecraft, Across the Nightingale Floor by Lian Hearne, A Lesson Before Dying by Ernest J. Gaines, The Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger, Foundation by Isaac Asimov
tell us a funny story about yourself. Hmm...... Once, while hanging out with a few friends, I was beating one of them in a video game and they jumped on me and started choking me. When I managed to get him off, I got yelled at for cursing at him.
what do you think of the scene/scene kids? What I think changes depending on my mood. Sometimes they're just any old group, which makes them stupid. But sometimes it occurs that I'm not dissimilar from them. So, like all things, they're conflicted.
why should we accept you? (dont say i dont know) Cause I can bloody spell.
your worst nightmare. To be truly alone. But that sounds so cliché these days...
pet peeves. Jerks, and people who choose to be stupid.
things you like. Winning at Solitaire (the card game), playing tennis, making fun of people
emo; is it about the music, the style, or the whole way of life? All and none. No one is a 'prerequisite,' but somehow it's gotta come together.
sum yourself up in a few sentences. I'm inexplicably elitist about everything. The less I know, the more I tend to judge people, in fact.
Promote and Link 2 places. (optional, good for brownie points.)

post your 100x100 member pic.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Post 3+ clear pics OF YOUR FACE.

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