I burnt my leg with my hair straightener and now there is a red line on my leg. Why was I straightening my hair at 8 o'clock at night? Because It makes my hair feel warm. [+_+]
Olivia's hair really annoys me. Its ugly. I hate hair with too much volume, I just want to cut it off.
Reeoor -cat sound-

After school I went for a drive with my family to Trinity Beach and I met this guy called Scott I think it was, at the pub. I don't know how old he is, over 18 obviously. He was really nice. Haha it was funny because he thought I was between 16 and 22. I told him my age, obviously. Geez that would be gross if I faked my age.

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just a observation

ok guys im not saying this in a bad way or nething so dont jump ur guns on me but i was wondering if this community only picks preppy or gay people? like if you are preppy lookin u get in the sex but if u r not u dont get in? i just came across this feeling and observation dat it seems like it sorta.

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notice anything? they are all preppy cheerleader type people..i mean i have nuthin against gay people but i just feel like this place is biased. i mean god forbid sum1 isnt and doesnt and looks a little diffeerent from every1 else, u shun them from the world.... i mean there r alot of good-looking people that arent just preppys i just thought i would voice my opinion and say so hence the sn....u guys should be more openminded perhaps