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so, right. my hair was this sweet sun-lightened brown. I went to cut it..

and then I dyed it.. and it turned out brighter than anticipated.

so, I tried to lighten it.
first, I stripped it (no picture available, darn it all)
then dye it a lighter auburn.. which didn't cover very well, since my hair was fried from being stripped. and yes, that's it's natural frizz. hot, I know.

as a result.. I said eff it and went for dark brown.

it has since lightened a bit.. this is two proofs from my senior pictures (scanned together, because I'm too lazy to do them separately).

and then, on a whim (and since I'd done my mom's hair for her and there was extra dye), I put highlights in it. pardon the sweet sex hair thing I have going on.
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